What are some interesting tips on dog training?

It is best to start when your dog is a puppy.

The first think is to get the right lead don't get one of those extenderble ones.

Always have treats for your dog when it has done the right thing. If it doesn't always go back to it never stop and go onto a different thing. When you are training make sure there is just you telling the dog what to do as this can be very confusing. Do the ones that you really want your dog to learn first like walking on the lead properly and things like that. Then after they have learnt it its time for tricks it you want to. Sit, Down, Paw. But remember never say sit down because they meen to different things, Sit for sit and down for dowm or you could say lay. And always remember don't just teach it to your dog and think it will remember it takes alot of practise for your dog and even then keep doing it every so often. The final think is always carry a bag with you when you go on a walk you wouldn't like to stand in it! I hope i have been helpfull, good look!