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Kids & Teens To Make Money, 1. Help your parents 2. Build a lemonade stand 3. Be a babysitter 4. Offer to shover snow 5. Write articles 6. Be a professional gamer 7. Teach computer skills 8. Mow the garden 9. Sell some home-baked cookies 10. Walk Dogs 11. Wash Car 12. Be a tutor 13. Pet sitter 14. Buy snacks from outside & sell in school 15. Offer the service to pick up animal’s poop in the garden 16. Sell your own photos 17. Build your own money making blog 18. Do a paid online survey 19. Sell handmade jewelry

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โˆ™ 2008-06-26 04:11:28
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Q: What are some jobs a 16-year-old can do without working with money?
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