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What are some limitations of the internet?



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Limitations Of Internet

1) The quality of information resources might not always be reliable and accurate.

Of course, with so many many websites andwebmastersclaiming to be an expert in almost anything, we are ending up with stuffs like “learnhow to earn online

with a 13 year old“. While I don’t blame such approaches, their integrity and experience about the subject is definetly questionable.

2)Searching of informationcan be very tedious.(It IS definetly time consuming)

Let’s a take an example, just google for the word “money“, you will see 10 pages full of resources(That’s only with google, now there are yahoo, msn..etc).So finding what you are exactly looking for, might take you some hours of browsing..

3)Internetis definetly not 100% secure.

We cannot neglect things like identity theft, a pc being compromised by a cracker or your email account being compromised..etc