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Chess- black and white

Hurley- brown and white

Max- any

Bobo- any

Renny- any

calico- umm calico/ brown


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Actually some guinea pigs can actually recognize their names , with time, of course.

Here are some names for male guinea pigs: Theodore Harvey, Aster Black guinea pigs-Midnight, Moonlight, Coco/Cocoa White guinea pigs-Snowflake, Snow, Snowball, Marshmallow, Milky/Milky Way I hope these names will help with choosing the perfect guinea pig name.

Most people give their guinea pigs names, and call them by that.

Questions about guinea pigs include:Can all guinea pigs breed?Do all guinea pigs get along with other guinea pigs?What is their habitat?

Some guinea pigs are allergic to some foods, however guinea pigs as a species are not particularly allergic to anything.

Guinea pigs got their names because they eat and sound like pigs, but they aren't related to pigs. People began eating them in New Guinea, which explains the guinea part.

heyy here i have some names for guinea pigs! lol Bill & Ben Angel & Delight Devil & Angel Tumble & Rumble Bubbles & Cuddles humble gumble funble lucky

The names of the guinea pigs on G-Force are: Darwin, Blaster, Juarez, and Hurley

Some dogs can get along with guinea pigs. Mine however would eat our guinea pigs if they got the chance.....

some guinea pigs are and some are domesticated.

Really Guinea pigs are NOTHING like real pigs. Guinea pigs do do some things that pigs do such as graze on food all day and can make some noises that people might think pig like! but guinea pigs are herbivores so they dont eat meat unlike pigs who will eat nearly anything!!

No, there are some places like Peru that have wild guinea pigs.

some guinea pigs like rasberrys some dont but you can try it to see if yours does

Darwin, Blaster and Juarez.

No, guinea pigs are domesticated as pets. In some countries they are even raised for meat. There are still plenty of guinea pigs.

I do not now if those are good names, (it depends on you) but you might want to name the guinea pigs a name relating to their color. My Guinea pig has a black face with a white stripe so I named her Blaze.

Personally, I don't think guinea pigs are ugly. I think they're very cute and pretty. But it's an opinion. Someone might think guinea pigs are ugly. There is no clear answer because this question is answered by an opinion.

some cat consider guinea pigs prey if your guinea pig dies from this kill the cat that's responsible for killing your guinea pig.

some are some aren't just depends on the guinea pig

No!!!!!!!They are actually part of the rodent family.

yes guinea pigs do get along with pigs and they wont eat the guinea pig. does this answer your question?

What Fruit do guinea pigs eat??Do guinea pigs love running around??Do guinea pigs love to squeak??Can guinea pigs get colds/sick/sore throats/puke??

The guinea pigs can have as much wheat grass the guinea pigs can have.

No,some male guinea pigs actually help clean and care for babies

yes but there is some soap for guinea pigs at pet-smart and it 7 dollars

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