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One Savanna stretches the entire continent of Africa from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. This Savanna is called the Sahelian Acacia Savanna.

A Semi-arid Savanna is also a Desert which is the Sahel. It is usually called the Sahel Belt because it transitions from the Sahara Desert from the north to African Savannas.

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What are some names of Savannas?


What are some important features of the African savannas?

the grass and plants are important to the animals. the savannas also serve as a safe haven.

Are there human influences in African Savannas?

Yes ,human influences in African savannas are grass removal, poaching and pollution.

Who were the people that came from the African savannas south of the Sahara?

who were the people who came from African savannas south of the Sahara

Which African kingdom developed in the African savannas?

songhai's Empire

What covers the savannas of Africa?

Determinants of woody cover in African savannas. These tropical and subtropical savannas occupy large land areas

What are some important features of africa's savannas?

African savannas have a variety of important features. Some of these include grassy planes, small shrubs and trees, as well as many wild animas.

What bird lives in the African Savannas?

Birds that live in the African Savannas includes the African Fish Eagle. Other birds include the Helmeted Guineafowl and the Grey Crowned Crane.

Name an amphibian in the African Savannah?

A salamander is an amphibian in the African savannas.

What invertebrates live in the African savanna?

What invertabras live in the african savannas

What amphibian lives in the African savannas?


Which animal is the top predator in the grasslands of the savanna?

On African savannas the top predator would be the African lion. On the savannas of South America that would be the jaguar,

What does African grassland mean?

African grasslands means the plains and savannas in Africa.

What is a servals habitat?

eastern african wetlands and savannas

Which tribe lives in the African savannas?

the maasai tribe

How many animals live in the African savannas?


What countries are located in the African savana?

I think you should rephrase your question to what contingents have African savannas because there are three contingents that have African savannas and they are Australia, South America and Africa I hope this answered your question

Are savannas the Are savannas and tropical savannas the same?

yes the savannas the Are savannas and tropical savannas are the same the are slightly different though some of the animals are different but they are more alike then different

Where did the nubian's come from south of the African savannas?

eastern desert

Which is heaviest bird that flies?

The Kori bustard of the African savannas.

Where does the zebra live in the world?

they mostly live in the African savannas

What is the Africa savannas?

The African savanna is a large area of grassland.

Are there specific names for the savannas in Africa?

The Sahel Savannah

What are the grassland biomes names?

Chaparrals and Savannas are what I know

What is the physical environment of savannas?

Savannas are grasslands with some trees.