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What are some new remedies for seasonal allergies?


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Allergies are almost always the result of candida (yeast) overgrowth in the intestinal tract. You are strongly advised to research this topic. Basically the toxic waste products of the yeast trigger an immune response, which may not be severe enough to manifest in actual symptoms until there is another immune aggravating factor, such as pollen. However, yearly allergy symptoms are not "normal" as the medical establish has convinced us, at least they should not be normal. The sort of immune suppression that is normal nowadays is due to our diets and lifestyles, and it would cause us to not survive two weeks if we ever attempted to live as our distant forefathers lived. There was no such thing as "white" sugar, or "white" flour to them (invented in the 1950's), and they certainly did not eat MSG, aspartame, fluoride, genetically modified foods, or petroleum based colorings such as Red #40 in their foods. They very rarely had "seasonal allergies" either, and cancer was quite rare too (along with practically every serious modern disease).

Things that will help are Improving your diet (especially limiting refined sugar and other "white" refined products like white flour/carbs and white rice), consuming pure organic yogurt several times a day, and for particularly bad days: taking 1/2 a teaspoon of turmeric with 1/2 a teaspoon of sage. For debilitating allergies, you could reset things by wiping out all of your intestinal bacteria by taking colloidal silver for several days, and then return to better eating habits. Pure organic yogurt will help to provide the beneficial bacteria to keep the yeast under control. Remember that alternative medicine is slower because it attacks the cause instead of the symptoms, so do not expect immediate results. However, the techniques mentioned could cheaply cure you permanently, and with no side effects.