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Some obstacles that prevent regular physical activity may be physical limitations that prevent exercising and working in a sedentary position. People who work in offices often have a problem fitting in physical activity on a regular basis.

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Q: What are some obstacles that prevent individuals from getting regular physical activity?
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What s the physical activity done for the purpose of getting fit?


What is Physical activity done for the purpose of getting fit?


What are the factor that contribute a healthy lifestyle?

Getting enough rest, engaging in physical activity and getting proper nutrition.

Why do you feel relaxing when you talk a walk?

You're getting things off your mind and getting physical activity. It's healthy for your body

What are some of the obstacles that prevent a person from getting regular physical activity?

I think daily life gets in the way of finding time to get physical activity. I work two jobs and go to school full time, those definitely can get in the way of finding time to workout. But every little activity will help. I try to park farther away, always take the stairs, go for a run every morning. I think if physical fitness is important to you, you need to incorporate it into your daily schedule. Just like showering or eating, it's something that must me done.

Two ideas for getting enough regular physical activity?

drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise

What are three strategies for coping with miled depression?

Talking to supportive people, getting more physical activity, or volunteering.

How does recess provide physical fitness for children?

Unless they just sit on a bench, they'll be running around, playing on the equipment and getting in some physical activity.

Getting plenty of physical activity and at least 6-7 hours of sleep are healthful behaviors that can help reduce stress?


What is true about physical activity?

There are many benefit of physical activity like: 1. Keep you fit. 2. keep you active 3.Flexibilities in you boy and many more.........

What is the difference between physical recreation and sport?

Sport is competitive, recreation is fun and enjoyment based. Sports tend to have set rules. Practice is undertaken to improve and get better in sport. Physical recreation can be laid back and based on a more social time. Or could be hobies.

WHAT happens if you get 60 min of physical activity per day?

a person should be getting at least 30 min of excersise a hour is great!