History of the Mongol Empire

What are some of ancient mongols inventions?

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The ancient Mongols are credited with inventing the first mail system. They also created the first shopping malls along the Silk Road, a trade route from Asia to 'Europe. Other Mongol inventions were spaghetti, the concept of zero, rack and pinion steering, and zero tolerance to crime.

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What are some inventions made in Ancient Athens?

Some of the many inventions ancient Athenians created was plumbing, thermometer, maps (modified), internal heating , wrenches, mills.

What is the duration of Ancient Inventions?

The duration of Ancient Inventions is 2.5 hours.

What are some inventions from the Ancient Indians?

plowing was invented in ancient India and lots more

When was Ancient Inventions created?

Ancient Inventions was created on 1998-09-13.

What were the famous inventions of ancient Persia?

There were many inventions in ancient Persia. Some of them included the vertical windmill, monumental buildings, and the Royal Road from Lydia to Susa.

What are famous inventions of the Mongols?

I found that some of the things Mongols invented were the magnetic compass, the stern post rudder, the mechanical clock, gun powder, and printing. I learned this from doing research on this topic at my school.

Who were the ancestors of ancient china?


List the inventions of ancient Chinese civilizations?

list the inventions of ancient Chinese civilization

What are some of ancient India's inventions?

velocity of light,pi value

What are some inventions from ancient Athens that you still use today?


What are some scientific inventions in Ancient Greece?

i really have no idea sry...

What are some inventions from the new kingdom ancient Egypt?

wheel chairs

What were some Ancient babylonian inventions?

Some ancient Babylonian inventions are mathematics and astronomy. The Babylonians invented the accurate calendar and knew place value. they also traded with other neighboring cities for economy.

What are some inventions in ancient rome?

A thing, invention, and I don't Know and so on and on and on......

What are some of the ancient Egyptian inventions?

Black ink, paper, eyeliner, calendar

What did the Mongols call themselves?

They called themselves the "people of the plains". Despite the peaceful-sounding name they gave themselves, the Mongols were some of the most feared peoples in the ancient world.

What are inventions from ancient Egypt?

Some inventions traceable to ancient Egypt include writing systems, black ink, ox-drawn plows, 365-day calender, paper, and sails for boats.

What are some inventions of Ancient Egypt?

Some of the Inventions of the Ancient Egyptian were Sails, Black Ink, Ox-Drawn Plow, Paper, The First Triangular Pyramid, Organized Labor, Hieroglyphics, and 365 Day Calendar and a Leap Year.

What did the Europeans call the Mongols?

They called them Tartars, which meant people from Hell (They called Hell Tartarus, from an ancient root word). The Mongols were some of the most fearsome peoples of the ancient world, known for conquering kingdoms with violence and without mercy.

What Ancient Chinese Invention?

Ancient China inventions

What are some ancient Japanese inventions?

The ancient Japanese are responsible for inventing pottery more info can be found at the link below

What are some achievements of Ancient Chinese civilizations?

Some ancient Chinese inventions are acupuncture, fireworks, the Great Wall, kites, paper, silk, and tangrams.

What are some of ancient India's inventions or accomplishments?

# weel # numbers 0 # # sundial # # r

What were some of ancient Egyptian inventions?

lock and key wedge systemhieroglyphicspyramids

What armies did the nobles build in ancient Japan?

The Mongols

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