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I'm not sure what you *need* to know? ALL the 1998 Subaru cars/wagons share the same mechanicals, the only differences of note are 2wd, 4wd, standard, and auto. In a used one the auto transmission is not "choice", being more problem prone than the manual. The 2wd cars give better mileage than the 4wd cars, but the 4wd cars are less prone to rusting because they sit higher. Horsepower is not high, around 80hp, these are not race cars, and will not pull a trailer. The "trick" to these cars is service, they are built a bit differently than conventional cars, if someone has been "in there" that hasn't got a clue about Subarus, the potential for major disasters is reasonably high due to butchery. Many of these cars will go 300,000 miles (if not butchered) and 500,000 miles is not uncommon if properly looked after. You WILL end up back at the dealer for some parts, as there is not a lot of after-market, this can be expensive, but not expensive if 500,000 is your goal. In buying a used one: 1) avoid the auto, 2) check the service book, 3)make sure rust has not taken hold. Walk away from anything that doesn't meet these requirments.

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Q: What are some of th 1986 Subaru station-wagon owner reports?
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