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What are some of the best jokes?

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  1. Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

    A: To get to the other side!

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What are some of the Joke Resources for Jokes of the day?

Some of the Joke resources for jokes of the day are that people submit different jokes, and then they are voted on to see which ones are the best ones.

What are some good jokes about talent shows?

I think the most best jokes about talent shows are that there isn't any jokes about talent shows. Ask a comedian.

What are some of the best places to find free clean jokes?

Some of the best places to find clean jokes are in books. Bookland has many joke books, for adults and children available in their stores or on their website. There are also clean jokes on the internet as well.

Which jokes are the best Sudanese or American jokes?


What is the best website to find funny clean jokes 1 minute long for 4th graders? has some clean jokes but there is also a rude jokes section so beware what they see :-D has some clean jokes but there is also a rude jokes section so beware what they see :-D

What are some speech topics for kids?

what do teachers do off duty if i ruled the world. . . . the worst jokes ever the best jokes ever the worst commercilas ever the best commercials ever

What are the top 10 best jokes in america?

Depends on which jokes you like :)

What are some example pinoy jokes?

There are several examples of pinoy jokes. Mostly being in other languages and cultures so it is hard to translate the very best of them on here for this.

Where can you find a website that has the best yo mama jokes?

Some sites are listed below the answer, and they have jokes such as: Yo mama's so fat, that the last time she saw 90210, it was on a scale.

Whats the best site for getting yo mama jokes?

the best site for your mama jokes is

Is there a wewbsite with fathers day jokes?

There are a vast array of websites for Father's day jokes. The best website that i have found for jokes is Enjoy!

What are some mother jokes?

Find Yo Mamma jokes on Youtube.

What are some of your best jokes?

lets see... here is one. what do you do if a rino charges you? answer: give him your credit card

What are some rhyming jokes?

There are many sites with hundreds of rhyming jokes. One site with rhyming jokes is RhymeZone.

I am looking for some funny father's day jokes to tell my husband. Where can I find some?

The first and best place to look would be a online joke site. This can be found by searching on a search engine for daily jokes. If you own a smartphone you can download a daily joke application that gives you a number of themed jokes every day, this would include father's day jokes

What are some good violation jokes?

Since jokes are subjective and jokes only if you think they are, I can only provide what amuses me: The joke's on you.

What are some good inside jokes?

Inside jokes are personal jokes between friends that only those people can understand.

What are some good family friendly jokes in Hindi?

Some good family friendly jokes in Hindi can be found on many different websites online. A couple of those websites are Jokes Duniya and Waffa. Some of the jokes are called Jokes in Hindi, Pathan Joke Zabardast and Bond Meets a Tamil Guy.

Where are jokes made?

Some jokes are made in Ha HA leewood.

What are the best pranks?

April fools jokes

Where can you see movies jokes?

at best buy

What is the best burn to use on jokes?

What are those

What is the best practical joke?

knock knock jokes are probally the best

Where can one find some Punjabi jokes?

Punjablinks is a website that features many types of Punjabi jokes. Some other sites that have these kinds of funny jokes are Funenclave and Ludhianaonline.