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AnswerTh only one I know of is Pepperdine university in Malibu.

Harvard University is the best law school and university to go to.

LSU( Louisiana State University) is a very good school, with one of the biggest football followings, and around 30,000 students, as well as a beautiful campus.

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Q: What are some of the biggest and best colleges?
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What are the best colleges to play soccer?

what are some good soccer colleges?

What are some of the best colleges in the US?

Some of the best colleges in the US that you can get paid a lot of money from would be Brown, Harvard, Yale and Georgetown. Most of these Colleges are for students who are highly educated

What are some colleges in Louisiana?

There are many colleges in Louisiana but some of the best colleges are Louisiana Technical University, University of Louisiana and there are many more

What are some of the best colleges for a lawyer?


What are the best Phoenix colleges?

Some of the best Phoenix colleges is Arizona State University, Phoenix College, and Northern Arizona University. These are among the best colleges in the state of Arizona as well.

What is some of the best colleges for basketball?

duke university is the best college for basketball

What is the best accredited online colleges in the US?

Depending on what you are studying, some of the best accredited online colleges are the University of Phoenix and Kaplan University.

What is the biggest sport in us colleges?

American football. Best funded, most closely followed and most watched/attended by far.

Do colleges offer security classes online?

Yes some colleges do offer classes for security. Now a lot of colleges are even offering classes for degrees in homeland security. To find out what college is best for you research the colleges and what they offer so you can get the best out of your college experience and education.

Best aeronautical colleges in tamil nadu?

which is the best arnoutical colleges in Tamil nadu

What are some good Minnesota colleges?

There are many excellent colleges in Minnesota. Some of the best include Carleton college, University of Minnesota, Hamline college and Mayo medical school.

What are some colleges that offer interior design courses?

Almost all colleges offer interior design courses. Depending on your area though you can research which colleges are the best for interior design courses.

What are some of the best colleges for a journalist?

portmouth uni is the only uni that does journalisim in england

What are the best medicine colleges in the UK?

Medicine/ overall best colleges/sixth forms in the Uk

What are the Biggest paradoxes in American colleges and universities?

Ineffectives and effective leadership

What are some good vet colleges?

One of the best is Michigan State! Its like the 3rd best i think! one of the best colleges for veterinary school is cornell, you must get very high grades and reports to attend and it is very expensive.

What are the best colleges to study biology?

Some good colleges to study biology at are Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of Cambridge. Other good colleges include Yale University and Cornell University.

What colleges are best for nursing degrees?

There are a lot of competent colleges for nursing degrees. For a list of best colleges for these degrees, you can see

Do they teach OSHA safety training at community colleges?

There are many colleges that teach OSHA safety training. If you do some internet research you will be able to see which colleges do but if you are still unsure it is best to contact the college and find out.

What are some good colleges?

Stanford and Harvard are the best ones in America according to most people.

What are some good colleges in albequrque?

I think the best college in albequrque is texas tech university.

What are some places I can go to, to learn to become an EMT?

The best way is to enroll in an EMT class at technical colleges, trade schools, community colleges, and some universities, but probably the cheapest is a community college.

Which are the best colleges for fsc in Lahore?

There are huge number of colleges in Lahore but there are some colleges which are well known and considered to be the best colleges of Lahore. The names of these colleges are given below: 1.Governement College University Lahore (GCU) -Last year Merit for admission was 972 marks in matric. 2. FC College Lahore (Last year Merit for admission was 929 marks) 3. Punjab College Lahore. 4. Kips College Lahore These are the colleges which are according to me are best. Hope it helps.

What are the best colleges to go to to be a interventional cardiologist?

The best colleges to go to to be a interventional cardiologist are such as Albany Medical college.

What are some of the best MBA colleges in India?

There are lots of management colleges are available in India, But Hughes Global Education Institute is Gurgaon based is best for MBA Courses. The professors of that institute are well expert and teach all the things along with the help of current examples. Visit - wwwdothugheseducationdotcom

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