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Q: What are some of the conditions under which soldiers lived and fought?
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How many confederate soldiers fought in Battle of Shiloh?

40,000 Confederate soldiers under the command of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston

What terrible conditions did the soldiers have to experience in world war 1?

they fought under the rule of, if the commander said that you were going over the top of the trench and you didn't do it you got shot.The conditions were atrocious in the trenches, rat infested, smelly and very wet. Many men had trench rot on their feet, as they never got dry, horriblecurzz

Should soldiers be allowed to join unions?

No. They must follow orders under any conditions.

How did Hobbes describe the conditions under which human beings lived?

Nasty, brutish and short

Why did new Zealand soldiers fight in Europe?

we were in the commonwealth of nations that were under the brittish empire ruled we swore a oath for god, king and country. we fought where ever the empire fought

During the entire war most battles were fought-?

During war, most battles are usually fought by the foot soldiers who are usually under the guidance of the commanders.

What conditions did Jesus live under?

Jesus was poor, and lived a simple life, he was even born in a farm.

The outcome of roman soldiers fought in punic war and battle of zarma?

Roman forces under Scipio defeated the Punic (Carthaginian) forces under Hannibal, after which Carthage sued for peace.

What happens under the conditions?

To what, under which conditions?

Describe the living conditions of cities under the industrial revolution?

they had sewage water everywhere and people lived together in small tenements.

How big was the crew of HMS beagle?

850 men were on the HMS Beagle. Living under cramped conditions the crew lived on this ship for 5 years.

What were the rights and responsibilities of citizens and non-citizens in classical Greek city-states?

Adult males were citizens. In the advanced democracies they had full rights, directed government, and fought in the army and navy. Non-citizens had no rights, and lived by permission under limited conditions, but had to fight in the army in defence of the city.