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What are some of the most notorious and famous computer hacks in US History?

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Are gordons combat arms hacks safe for your computer?

No hacks are safe for any computer.

Can the public see your search history on google?

No, not unless somebody hacks your computer or the police get a warrant to search it.

What do you do if someone hacks your computer?


Where can you get hacks for combat arms?

don't use hacks at all your computer will become prone to viruses

A computer hacker is someone who?

hacks computers

What kind of crime is it if somebody hacks your computer?

If someone hacks into a computer, computer network, computer system or computer service, it is a highly punishable crime. This is justified by the severeness of the hacking an would be punishable by jail with the Computer Misuse Act 1990, which was publish internationally.

Are there any hacks for counter strike on the computer?


How does computer get virus?

When a user downloads an infected file, or when a person hacks a computer and uploads infected files to it.

Does godswar online hack your computer?

No,it does not but if u use hacks they will ban you =]

What are hacks in Maplestory?

Illegal computer programs that takes the fun from other players.

Are hacks legal?

Some are, some are not. Most hacks/mods to computer games which you have already purchased are legal. Note that some may contain viruses which are illegal.

How do you activate cheats in black ops?

you must unhook yourself to get to the computer and use the hacks

What to do when someone hacks your id and password?

you need to get another computer or get a new ID or username or password!

How do you do the hacks on black ops zombies?

You stand up, go to the computer and type in 3ARC UNLOCK.

Where can you download Hungry Sharks Evolution hacks without completing surveys or participate in any offers?

Bewaring of anyone offering you hacks for games. They are often seeking access to your computer and you will get a virus.

How do you spell haks?

The spelling "hacks" is a conjugation of the verb "to hack" (to cut into, or slang, to acquire computer access or data by unauthorized or illegal means). It is also used as a noun (hack, hacks) meaning methods used to access computer programs or data that are nonstandard, or illegal.

Combat arms hacks?

You looking for hacks go to the website its got Combat Arms Hacks, Diablo2 Hacks, Wc3 Hacks, CounterStrike1.6 and source hacks!

How is someone getting past my sign in code and password?

They have a program that automatically hacks your computer to bypass security!

What are hacks for moshi monsters?

there are hacks but hacks are just the same as cheats

Where can you get free fly hacks for combat arms?

You can get all hacks from includes flyhacks aimbot n alot more + Diablo2 hacks + Wc3 Hacks + Counterstrike Hacks + Combat Arms Hacks!

Where can you get a left 4 dead 2 hacks?

For the computer you can use the developer's console to enter cheats or hacks. First you must enable the developer's console in the options menu, then all you have to do is press the "squiggly key" ~

How do you put Pokemon sprites in Pokemon diamond hacks from the computer?

You have to use a ROM pallete editor, I think A.P.E might work, and edit it off the computer.

What is it called when somebody hacks into your computer?

if you mean the term virus, but if you mean the person a hacker unauthorized acces to your pc.

Guitar Hero world tour songs for Guitar Hero iii?

impossible, unless you use hacks on the computer

Does arcade pre hacks have viruses?

I'm guessing it does because when I played on it before my computer had a lot of Trojans and viruses.