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the problems were that they couldnt stand ech other so they had to leave each other alone! call me! (!!

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Sacajawea encountered Lewis and Clark during their expedition through the wilderness of North America. Also encountered by Lewis and Clark were a variety of Native American tribes.

She had to carry her child on the trip

Meriwether Lewis was in charge and William Clark came as his assistant. But the Lewis And Clark Expedition is still know as The Lewis And Clark Expedition.

There was a disease in the Lewis and Clark expedition

Lewis and Clark are the captains of this expedition

To protect and translate between Lewis and Clark and the Indians they encountered on the way West

Lewis & Clark began their expedition in 1804.

yes there was starvation in Lewis and Clark expedition

There were 51 men in the Lewis and Clark expedition.

The Lewis and Clark expedition consisted of 33 individuals. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were the leaders.

Meriwether Lewis was the one who found the Lewis and Clark expedition journals.

The Lewis and Clark expedition started on May 14, 1804.

Thomas Jefferson is the one who started the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Yes someone did get lost on the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Sacajawea contributed to the Lewis and Clark expedition by translating for them.

Lewis and Clark got back from there expedition on February 22nd

Lewis and Clark were good leaders on their expedition. Lewis was considered to be the leader of the expedition and was a very insightful leader.

The members of the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804-1806 were willing to endure the hardships they encountered for a variety of reasons. Some were inspired by the daring and the glory of the expedition itself. Others persisted for the sake of the rewards that could be earned at the journey's conclusion. Others acted out of simple courage and loyalty toward their fellow expedition-members. Still others, such as Lewis and Clark themselves, acted out of a steady patriotism that carried them through to the end.

Lewis and Clark led the expedition.Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

the landmarks lewis and clark dicoversed on their expedition is the john handcock

there was 32 people on the Lewis and Clark expedition (including the dog)

Lewis and Clark killed 13 deer on their expedition

Lewis and Clark on their expedition

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