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charlie horses can happen when you are do not have enough water in your body. If you get them more after drinking, make sure to drink a lot of water before you go to bed because alcohol makes you dehydrated. if increasing your water intake does not make a difference, you might consider taking a magnesium supplement. magnesium deficiency can also cause muscle cramping/spasms. Excellent answer above, but wanted to add exercising can do this as well as not wearing proper shoes (especially heels that are too high when you're use to going around in flatter shoes.)

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One who does not consume alcohol?

A person who does not consume alcohol is a teetotaler (or teetotaller); they are teetotal.

Is it legal to consume alcohol in a moving motor home on Michigan roads?

It is not legal to consume alcohol because if you consume too much you can get drunk.

Why does the room spin when you consume alcohol?

rooms do not spin when you consume alcochol, it is a mental effect the alcohol causes you to see.

When is it suggested that you should not consume alcohol?

For those pursuing maximum health or for the religious, the best answer is "You should never consume alcohol"!

If you have pernicious anemia can you consume alcohol?


Is it legal to consume alcohol at work?


Can you consume alcohol if you are taking pholcodine?


How long should you wait to consume alcohol after using metronidazole?

Do not consume alcohol for 48 hours after taking the last tablet in the course.

Is alcohol a nutrient?

No. Alcohol is a bi-product of a lot of the nutrients we do consume.

What are the food to consume during pregnancy?

A well balanced diet.

What should you eat and do in a week to lose a pound?

You should eat healthy and well balanced diet and exercise daily. I exercise daily for 30 minutes and burn 350 calories per day. Also, I consume 400 calories less than the usual calorie intake. This way if you consume 3500 calories less per week, you will loose a pound.

Can you consume alcohol after a HPV jab?


Can you consume alcohol up your bum?


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Can you give minors alcohol in your home in Canada?

It is against the law for any minor to consume alcohol, but just like any place in Europe or the US, it is not uncommon for minors to consume alcohol at home.

Legal age to consume alcohol in Maine?

All US States have a minimum purchase age of 21. The legal age to consume alcohol in Austraila 18.

Does the type of alcoholic beverage you consume affect the way the alcohol is absorbed in your body?

Does the type of alcoholic beverage you consume affect the way the alcohol is absorbed in your body

Can you consume alcohol while on penicillin?

Its not recommended to drink alcohol while having penicillin

Can you drink alcohol in a hot tub?

It is recommended not to consume alcohol while in a hot tub.

Why shouldn't you consume a heavy meal before exercise?

you raise your chances of vomiting while you exercise

Is it safe for astronauts to consume alcohol in space?


Is it ever legal to consume alcohol in a moving vehicle?

No, it is never legal to consume alcohol in a moving vehicle, because it is still drinking and driving, but it only applies to the driver.

Can you consume alcohol while taking homeopathic medicines?

Yes. Homeopathic preparations will not be affected by alcohol.

How much alcohol can you drink and drive?

You should never consume any alcohol before driving.

How much alcohol is considered safe for a pregnant woman to consume?

what is the limit for blood alcohol content