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it tells what the island looks like and that the ship has came and its the aluets

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dolphin = delfin (accent on second syllable)

A good scene in Island of the Blue Dolphins is when Karana was first describing the island on the third paragraph in the second chapter. You can just imagine the island they describe it so good and that is a good scene in Island of the Blue Dolphins.

There are 25 chapters in II Kings.

In the second book of Chronicles there are 36 chapters.

There are no just goes on and on

II John has no chapters. It has 13 verses.

Book The First has 6 chapters, Book the Second has 24 chapters, and Book the Third has 15 chapters. So in all, there are 45 chapters in A Tale of Two Cities.

a blue dolphin is a second order consumer. it is because, it is a carnivore.

Every book has 13 chapters exept book 13: The End. The End has 14 chapters.

Orca aka killer whale is the largest. Not the 2nd largest. So what is the 2nd largest dolphin ?

Maui is the second island in Hawaii

You have to be at level 10 to get a second island.

I think it is Isaiah with 66 chapters.

The North Island in New Zealand is the second largest island

The second largest island in Japan is Hokkaido.

The second largest island in Japan is Hokkaidou.

First book has 12 chapters. Second has 10. Third has 11. Fourth has 10. Fifth has 10, and the sixth has 9 as well. Total of 62 chapters.

First journey - Acts Chapters 13-15 Second journey - Acts Chapters 15-18 Third journey - Acts Chapters 19-21

Hispaniola is the second largest island in the Caribbean.

Early Poptropica was the first, and Shark Tooth Island was the second.

EO1: I got one on my second visit to the Dolphin Rock. EO2: Save Oceana from the tiger shark and get the pendant.

The second largest island in the world is New Guinea. Greenland (not Australia) is the largest island.

It's either the orca whale or the dolphin

you build a raft, and then you can sail to the second island

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