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What are some pointers for someone staring some online courses this fall?


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2006-07-25 02:43:23
2006-07-25 02:43:23

Just make sure it's a reputable online university or an actual university offering distance education. There are too many "diploma mills" out there that will gladly take your money and confer on you a meaningless degree. Do your research. These classes are offered through the college that I have been attending. I decided to try some classes online. So I know that they are accredited.


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There is sometimes confusion about online courses costing significantly more than going to classes in person. However in many cases online courses carry a very similar or the same price as in person courses.

I made a new friend recently from Romania and they aren't very good with English. Are there any free courses online they can use to better themselves?

Online Spanish courses are a convenient way for someone to learn to speak Spanish. A person who wants to find online Spanish courses may want to research the introductory Spanish classes offered by an online university. In addition, there are private companies online that offer tutorials for people who want to learn Spanish. The following are some examples of the negative and positive aspects of taking online Spanish courses. Though online courses are growing in popularity, there are downsides to learning Spanish or any other lessons online. For example, a person who benefits from interacting with other students in a classroom may not enjoy online Spanish courses. A student taking online Spanish courses works independently a great deal of the time. Furthermore, a student who is participating in online Spanish classes at home can easily become distracted. Children, a spouse, the telephone, the television, and many other things can serve to disrupt the focus of an online student. In addition, someone taking online Spanish courses may also be tempted to skip a class. Taking any online course requires discipline as well as organization. Oftentimes, the responsibilities of work or home can sidetrack a person's efforts to take online Spanish courses. A person thinking about taking online Spanish courses must also look at the benefits of participating in this type of class. For instance, an individual who has a full-time job may not have the time to travel to a school to attend a Spanish class. Or, perhaps the traditional Spanish course takes place during work hours. Many online Spanish courses can be taken at a time that's convenient for students. Not surprisingly, online courses tend to be more flexible. Students who like to work independently at their own pace would likely have great success with online Spanish courses. Finally, a person who is hesitant about learning to speak a new language in front of others would surely feel more at ease with online Spanish courses. After all, a person's learning style has a lot to do with whether he or she finds success in online Spanish courses.

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