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Diets with food types that do not absorb water within the body are the best. Breads and starchy food are good to avoid if you would like to lose weight at a speedy pace.

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: What are some really good diets to lose weight?
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What are good diets to lose weight and keep me healthy?

If you aren't concerned with price then atkins and weight watchers are the best diets available to lose weight. They help you lose weight quick, are healthy, and have a great support system.

Will HCG diets really help me lose weight?

HCG diets, like many other weight loss diets, can be helpful if they are followed very closely and diligently. It is important to remember that adequate exercise and healthy eating habits are essential for both weight loss and overall good health.

What are diets to lose weight?

You can check out sites from Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Webmd, and even Good Housekeeping. They all offer valuable information on weight loss diets.

Is there someplace on the internet where I can read about diets to lose weight fast?

I would suggest going to They are like a personal coach with tips and tricks on diets and activities to help you lose weight. It really is a nice website.

What is the average weight people lose in one month?

Don't think there really is one, it depends too much on how harsh their diets are and on how good they are at following them

What diets will help me to lose weight fast?

Diets seem to work best at a slow rate, crash diets may make you lose weight quickly, but are not a healthy choice. You can consult your doctor for a recommended diet or join something like Weight Watchers which has a good following.

What are some good weight loss diets?

I have heard that a lot of people use the South Beach diet, and the Atkins diets to lose weight quickly. You can check these out at and

Is there a diet to lose weight?

There are many diets if you are looking to lose weight. Atkins, jenny Craig, weight watchers, south beach. all have diets to lower your calorie intake.

Are diets effective and really good?

Multiple diets at once would be a bad idea. The best way to safely lose weight would be to consult your physician for help in designing a diet and exercise plan that would be appropriate for you.

Which foods are used to lose weight?

People often follow high protein diets to lose weight. These diets include foods such as chicken and fish. These foods make people feel fuller and help them to lose weight.

Where can I find information on lawsuits against the "lose weight fast!" diets?

A lot of the lose weight fast diets are scams. To lose weight you will need to change the foods you eat, and get lots of water and exercise.

Are low carb diets really a good way to lose weight?

Low carb diets can often be a great way to lose weight. However, they are most effective when used in conjunction with an exercise program. Also, it is important to make sure you are getting a variety of vitamins and minerals in your diet when doing a low-carb diet.

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