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Mine is doing exactly the same thing. Is your check engine light on? Mine is constantly. What I have discovered is:

1. One of my Oxygen sensors is bad (bank 1 sensor 2, heater circuit) whatever that means. That's what the code is in the computer. 2. It does not shift into overdrive. Make sure the overdrive switch is on. If it is on, then there may be something wrong with your transmission. My overdrive switch is probably bad, because not knowing any better, I used to sit at red lights and flick it on and off repeatedly, very fast, not realizing that could ruin the switch. So now it never goes into overdrive, but the weird thing is, the dashboard light that says "O/D off" never lights up, and I can't figure that one out.

I ordered an OBD-2 scanner off of eBay to keep an eye on the codes for the check engine light. Any time they've ever been checked, they've always said it's because of the Oxygen sensor. It's $50 for me to get the codes checked, but I bought a scanner off eBay for $20. I also ordered the actual shop manuals off eBay as well. A little more expensive, but i think they will be worth it.

So my advice is if the Check Engine light is on, get the codes checked, but if it's the same problem as mine, it's just not going into overdrive.

Hope this helps.

bank 1 sensor 2 is the oxy sensor located on the exhaust pipe under the car just past the engine is fairly esy to change yourself

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Q: What are some reasons for your 2001 Hyundai Accent to be burning lots of gas and reving high?
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i personally am experiencing this problem right now.... the car was diagnosed as having a problem with the engine coolant sensor- i ordered and picked up the part and am trying to replace it now

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