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AnswerThere were several reasons why people came to the English colonies in New England. This occurred mostly in the 1600s and was due mostly to the following reasons: - Anglicans, a group of religious extremists who believed in eliminated most recreational aspects of English life, wanted to live in a land of religious freedom - Colonies were being formed all over the world, in which larger countries like Spain, England, Portugal, and France, along with the Dutch, could manipulate the Natural Resources of the lands to expand trade. The English were doing this in the Americas and so they had people moving to America as workers - Many felt that Europe was overcrowding and saw the Americas as a land of oppurtunity for wealth and prosperity with more land and freedom
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Q: What are some reasons why people came to new york in the early 1700s?
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Why did people come to NJ in the late 1600s and early 1700s?

The people came to NJ because they didn't want to be ruled by there queen and they didn't want to pay for the war.

Reasons colonists came to america?

People came to the New World colonies for several reasons. However, the main reasons people came to America were for religious freedom and business opportunity.

Why people came to the colonies?

relgious reasons

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What European countries came to dominate Latin America in 1600s-1700s?

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What three reasons did people come to America for?

The 3 reasons people came to America is that they came to find work, they were persecuted for their beliefs in another country, and they wanted to become landowners.

What are the two reasons people came to north America?

For freedom

What were some of the reasons people came to the new world?

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What were some reasons people came to the New World?

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tu toot

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When did the French people came to Trinidad?

The French people came to Trinidad in August of 1666 and began colonizing the area in search of riches. The French remained in Trinidad until the late 1700s when the British began exploring the area.

What was colonial Massachusetts religion in the 1700s?

The main religion of colonial Massachusetts in the 1700s were Puritan Separatists. They came to the colony in pursuit of religious freedom.

What were some of the reasons colonists came to the southern colonies?

some people came looking for gold, some came for religious freedom, and some people came to work as indentured servants. (others who came were slaves or forced slaves.)

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What was culture like in 1700s- new york?

. These people came from Britain they dressed very fashionably(for that time) and ate what was needed like chickens.

How did the colonies become more diverse in the 1700s?

People came from everywhere in Europe. There were Germans, Irish, Scottish, Swede, Italian, Dutch, to name a few.

Which is the main reason French settlers came to Tennessee in the 1700s?

to trade furs

When did the English colonists came?

They arrived to the United States around the late 1700s.

List two reasons why people came to America?

money freedom equal rights

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By researching immigration into America and the reasons and methods they used to get there.