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Say your thinking about her or say that you already miss her or say why can't all the girls in the world be as kind, funny, and pretty as you? I said these things and every single time she said "awww your so sweet"

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What are some romantic things you could say to your girlfriend?

When I look up at the stars, I think of a reason I love you for every star I see, then I run out of stars.

What are some romantic Christmas gifts?

Some romantic Christmas gifts would be chocholates or a swan lake. A romantic Christmas gift can be anything that pleases your girlfriend or wife and makes her happy.

How can you convince your girlfriend?

well it depends if she istraditional or not. if she wants to wait to marriage then don't try to convince her. if not then try to serenade her. to do that do sweet romantic things if she i a romantic girl.

How do you make your girlfriend blush?

say something that us romantic and say things like that over and over again

How do you get engaged on the sims 3 ps3?

You become Romantic Interest by flirting and things of that's type and then you propose going steady which is under the Romantic social then you will be at the boyfriend/girlfriend status and then you must flurt or things of that sort and propose to marriage under the Romantic social and then you will bebley engaged.

How do you make my girlfriend happy?

In order to make your girlfriend happy, you can do number of things. These things may include buying her nice gifts, taking her out for dinner or movie, cooking a romantic meal for her, or taking her to a new place.

What are some things that Romantic writers valued and celebrated?

the D

What are some romantic gestures you could do for your husband that are not so cliche?

You can try making him a romantic dinner. You could also do some things that he likes to do.

What are some creative romantic getaways to propose to my girlfriend?

No one can determine what is "romantic" for you and your girlfriend, plus where you go depends on your budget and how much time you have. This site offers suggestions in all 50 states:

What is the most romantic thing you could say to a girlfriend?

The most romantic thing you could say to a girlfriend would be to propose marriage to her--but only if you mean it.

Do girls like flowers?

yes they think it is romantic but if it is your girlfriend your buying for u might get some kisses from her

Some humorous things to do to your girlfriend?

Hit her.

What are some things to talk about with your girlfriend?


Can you help me talk to my girlfriend in a romantic way?

This is something that takes thought and practice at first. Make a list of the things you like about her. Speak from the heart and be sincere. There is nothing more romantic than honest communication.

What are some great Christmas gifts for a girlfriend?

Girlfriends like chocalates, candy, jewlry, cloths, anything romantic.

What if you stay with your girlfriend and she is mad at you what do you do?

maybe she will like it if you get her something romantic and sweet, like some flowers or a box of chocolates. If you don't want to get her any of that or if you already tried getting those things.. you should try to talk to her.

What is the most romantic thing a boyfriend give to his girlfriend?

This heavily depends on the woman, but common things are:Roses, or other pretty flowersTaking her out for dinnerJeweleryOr some other small gift that she can relate to and will enjoy

If bill kaulitz had a girlfriend would he bring her on an interview?

Yes of course! Bill is very romantic and would show his girlfriend to the whole world if he had one. he doesn't like to hide things, especially when it comes to love.

What are some good ideas for a romantic gift basket?

There are many good ideas when one is making a romantic gift basket. The best things that one could put inside of a romantic gift basket would be things like sweets and flowers.

What is the most romantic thing you can say or do for your girlfriend?

kiss them! the speacial thing a girl waits for is for that sweet romantic smooch!

You want to send some romantic photos to your girlfriend and those photos should show tons of love for her in my heart?

i want to send some romantic photos to your girlfrind and those photos should show tons of love for her in my heart?

Does clay aiken have a girlfriend?

Not the romantic kind because he is gay.

Where can you take your girlfriend in a Saturday night?

a romantic date and a movie

What to bring your girlfriend that is romantic?

Chocolate is always a good choice

What do guys think is romantic?

What is romantic and what isn't is a kind of sense that everyone has in a different way. Some guys aren't romantic at all, other guys are very romantic. If they are, they will probably find the same things romantic as romantic girls: walks on the beach, watching sunsets, candlelight atmosphere, certain music etc.

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