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Q: What are some selective advantages of small beans?
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What are some selective advantages of large beans?

Large beans can provide more "food" for a seedling and increase its chances of survival if there are adverse conditions after germination. They also have greater chance of survival being "tougher" than small beans. -SO

What are some advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding in animals?

well some times they come out with deformities not bad ones but there are some risks the advantages is that they come out looking better than ever

What are the advantages of selective cutting and clear cutting?

Selective cutting you can get the exact trees you need while still keeping the wildlife Alice, while clear cutting you get the wood faster but some wildlife will die

How can selective be used in a sentence?

Some people are real selective on clothes

What are some advantages and disadvantages of small claims court?

i would be a small force from the right and the advantages would be the diffricul of the whole time while every thing is useful.

How many jelly beans will a 32 oz jar hold?

You really cant answer that because some jelly beans are small and some are big but you cant find out all you can do is guess.

What are the advantages of small microwaves?

Some advantages to owning a small microwave are: They are cheaper than regular microwaves, they take up less space, will require less electricity to function.

What are some advantages of selective cutting?

Some of the advantages of selective cutting are: * It supports more varieties of wildlife than clearcutting * It is more resistant to disease and insect manifestations than clearcutting * It leaves a lighter ecological footprint * It creates a more natural-looking forest stand after harvesting * At higher elevations and in northern forests, it encourages growth of desirable shade tolerant tree species Overall, Selective cutting is better for the environment because it does not cut down full areas like clear-cutting.

Do you have a list of broad pod beans?

There are a lot of broad beans (Vicia faba). Many people know them as fava beans, Windsor and horse beans. There are large seed and small seed varieties. Some examples are:SuttonAquadulce ClaudiaLeviathanMidgetColes DwarfEgyptian BrownRed EpicureScorpioMasterpiece Green

What are some draw backs of selective breeding?

You do not allow evolution to occur, for you are evolution in selective breeding.

What are some reasons for selective mutism?

i have selective mutism myself and there is really no cause for it other then you have it in your genetics

What are the advantages of a small computer?

Some advantages of having a small computer are: very portable, not much space is needed, easy access to your files when you are out of the home, and they run quieter than larger computers.

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