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What are some signs that a guy wants to kiss you and is it okay to kiss on the first date and if so is it okay for a girl to kiss the guy on the first date?

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1. He will usually get close to you and you can tell by his

eyes. His face will get closer to yours. You'll know! #2 There is

nothing wrong with kissing on a first date whether it's a man

kissing a woman or a woman kissing a man, but a smart woman makes

the guy work for her intentions. By letting him kiss you on a first

date there is not much of a mystery left. Wait for 3 or 4 dates or

even more. It depends on the couple.


you will just look fridged if you make him wait for three or

four dates to kiss him! and i dont think its good for a girl to

kiss a guy on the first date as it is very desperate.

Also, he may smile at you and try to hold your gaze. if he does,

resist the urge to look away. if you see his face coming closer to

yours don't pull awa but give him a kind of, expectant, look. it

will make him feel like he's in charge. it will also be easier if

he knows you'll be ok with it. be ready, but don't go for it...

wait for him. you don't want to intimidate a guy easily like that.

sometimes guys don't want to get intimate fast because they want to

tell themselves they love your personality before they get carried

away in your body or lips or romantic stuff. by leading them on

first, they may decide they are already in love before they

understand and appriciate you for who you truly are. and yeah it

can be hard to wait, but you can do it. also, 1st date is totally

ok. just make sure he kisses you first, then kiss back.

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