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1. He will usually get close to you and you can tell by his eyes. His face will get closer to yours. You'll know! #2 There is nothing wrong with kissing on a first date whether it's a man kissing a woman or a woman kissing a man, but a smart woman makes the guy work for her intentions. By letting him kiss you on a first date there is not much of a mystery left. Wait for 3 or 4 dates or even more. It depends on the couple.


you will just look fridged if you make him wait for three or four dates to kiss him! and i dont think its good for a girl to kiss a guy on the first date as it is very desperate.

Also, he may smile at you and try to hold your gaze. if he does, resist the urge to look away. if you see his face coming closer to yours don't pull awa but give him a kind of, expectant, look. it will make him feel like he's in charge. it will also be easier if he knows you'll be ok with it. be ready, but don't go for it... wait for him. you don't want to intimidate a guy easily like that. sometimes guys don't want to get intimate fast because they want to tell themselves they love your personality before they get carried away in your body or lips or romantic stuff. by leading them on first, they may decide they are already in love before they understand and appriciate you for who you truly are. and yeah it can be hard to wait, but you can do it. also, 1st date is totally ok. just make sure he kisses you first, then kiss back.

2009-09-16 03:41:01
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What are some signs a girl wants you to kiss her on the first date?

She may ask you to kiss her

Can the girl text first after a first date?

Yes, if she wants to.

What does it mean if a girl wants to have lunch with you?

She wants to date you

Can a girl date a girl?

Yes, obviously its there choice if a girl wants to date a girl they have the option to do so.

What are the signs a girl has a crush on you?

she asks you to go with her when she wants to leave

What is Justin Biebers ideal first date?

in an interview he said it doesn't matter he just wants the girl to be happy.

Is possible to date with white girl if i am Chinese?

Sure, it happens every day. If the girl wants to date you, enjoy.

Is a Single Guy Really dating blonds Joe Jonas?

no!!!! he can date a blond if he wants to he can date a red hair girl if he wants to!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Mitchel Musso want to date a famous girl?

he wants to date Selena Gomez

What if a guy wants you to meet his parents on the first date?

Then he's rushing the relashonship. It's not right to have a girl meet a guy's parents on the first date. You don't even now that much about that person.

Are these signs a girl is into you?

The signs that a girl is into you include her smiling every time she sees you. You may find that she comes up with reasons to talk to you or she wants to be involved in the same things you are.

What should you do when im on a date with a girl?

Ask her what she wants to do then do whatever that is.

Be the girl every boy wants to date?

be 100% yourself !

Would alex wolf date 12 year old girl?

it depends! Alex Wolff wants a girl who just wants to be herself and that girl has to be nice!

Will Justin Bieber date white girls?

That will depend on his decision. If he wants to date a white girl, he can. If he wants to date a colored girl, he can. People SHOULDN'T be racist about white boys and black girls, vice versa, or whatever!

What does this mean when a guy says he likes and wants to date you but then says that he doesn't?

This is a very good question that has two possible answers. The first possible answer is that the guy really does like you and wants to date you, but may not be able to date. Some people, like me, will wait until their parents say that they're ready to date. Another possible answer is that this guy is just a player. He says that same line to every girl he meets and he just wants a girl who will give him whatever he wants. If he says he wants to date you then YOU should ask HIM out. If he says no then ask him why. Never let a guy have the upperhand.

What it means if You asked a girl if she wanted to see a film with you but she wants to bring a friend?

Probably, either she does not think of it as a "date," or she wants you to understand that it is not a "date."

Does a guy only date a girl if he is sorry for her?

No he does not.He wants to date you because there is something attractive about you.

What do teenage boys do with girl for there first date?

Its simple just take them to dinner and/or the movies(one she wants to see no you) and then home ! HAVE FUN !!!!!

Is it wise to tell a girl she's the first girl you asked out for a date?

Not on your first date. If you get in a relationship, then tell her :)

When do you a kiss a girl?

when ever you know she wants to kiss you @ the end of a date

Will Nick Jonas ever date a Catholic girl?

If he wants to haha(:

How can you tell if a girl wants to date you?

well im a girl and if i wanted to date a guy i would flirt with him and learn more about him and then ask for his number

Does Greyson chance rather date celebrity's than a normal girl?

No, his dad wants him to date a normal girl. I think he'd agree to that.

Is a Scorpion boy and cancer girl compatible?

The signs shouldn't determine if you want to be with someone or not. If you like the person date them, don't just date them based on the zodiac signs.