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Yes, obviously its there choice if a girl wants to date a girl they have the option to do so.

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Q: Can a girl date a girl?
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How to date a girl?

To properly date a girl, learn to be straightforward, always be positive, and propose a date for her.

Do I have to be country to date a country girl?

You do not have to be from the country to date a country girl.

How do you date a girl long distance?

to date a girl from long distance you can date through a web cam.

Would you date a hot girl or a nice girl?

I would date a nice girl because you never know if that hot girl can betray your trust and date someone else, or even cheat on you.

How do you persuade a girl to date you?

You do not try to persuade a girl to date you.If you ask her for a date and she says no then you respect that and move on.

How do you get a date with a Pegan girl?

Just how you get a date with any other girl-ask her out.

How can you have the perfect date with all of the girls?

you cant have a perfect date that is the same for every girl you date each girl is different so each girl has another idea as to their perfect date

How can you date a Swedish girl?

The same way you date any girl. If you like them, go up to them and talk to them and possibly ask them if they would like to go on a date with you. There isn't any difference to how you can date a swedish girl and any other girl from around the world.

Would Harry styles date a Canadian girl?

Ofcourse! He would date any type of girl as long you are a girl

How do you date a black girl?

The same way you'd date any girl, compassionately.

Can bowwow date a girl that is 20?

yes! he can date a girl that is 20 years old

Did Justin Bieber date his video girl?

Justin Bieber did not date his video girl.

Can justin bieber date a muslim girl?

i think he well date a muslim girl

Would Cole Sprouse date a girl who lives in Malta?

he would date any girl

Wold Dylan Sprouse date a beautiful and dark brunet 11 year old girl?

no never he would never date such an imachure little girl no never he would never date such an imachure little girl no never he would never date such an imachure little girl

How far apart in age does a girl have to be for you to date?

OK if you are 16 years old and your on a date the girl can be 14 or 15 years old to date you.

is it abd to date a girl?


How can you get a girl to date you?

This really depends on the girl

Should you date a girl that is hot and kinda smart but noybody likes her?

Yes. If you like this girl, date her

Would Nick Jonas date a homeless girl?

Yes1 Any girl he likes he would date her!

Would Nick Jonas date a Muslim girl?

I don't sure but maybe I will date Muslim girl..

Would Nick Jonas date a girl who is Irish?

would nick Jonas date a girl that is Irish

Will Justin bieber date an Indian girl?

hes not racist. he will date any girl as long as he loves her.

Does Justin Bieber date Arabian girl?

yes he date an Arabian girl if she know how to speak English

Is it wise to tell a girl she's the first girl you asked out for a date?

Not on your first date. If you get in a relationship, then tell her :)