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Abraham Lincoln once described the government of the US as being of the people, by the people, and for the people. In the case of Saudi Arabia, there is a government of the House of Saud, by the House of Saud, and for the House of Saud. So, their strength is a sense of family loyalty, and of course, lots of oil revenue.

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Q: What are some strengths of Saudi Arabia government?
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What does the government of Saudi Arabia control?

The government of Saudi Arabia controls the country's trade market, and some of the things that include oil exporting.

Why is Saudi Arabia's nickname called KSA?

Some call Saudi Arabia the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) for short.

What two rivers border Saudi Arabia?

what are some major rivers in Saudi Arabia

What are some good Saudi Arabia trades with the us?

some goods Saudi Arabia provides the U.S. is natural gas

What are some good depilatory products in Saudi Arabia?

There are many depilatory products available in Saudi Arabia.

What are some of the popular leisure activities in Saudi Arabia?

Foot ball is the most popular sport in saudi arabia.

How does the red sea affect animals in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia brought animals from Africa to add to the animals in saudi arabia, and those animals went to the red sea and killed some of the animals living there and scaring some away.

Is there agriculture in the deserts of Saudi Arabia?

Because of desalination and the oases, there is some agriculture in Saudi Arabia, primarily producing dates. However, Saudi Arabia imports the vast majority of its foodstuffs due to the general inhospitable nature of the country.

Who did Saudi Arabia get its independence from?

Saudi Arabia was created by king Abdulaziz out of nothing, he united the tribes and areas under his rule. some parts were under control of the Turkish Othmans west, and some were English colony east but there was no Saudi Arabia as it is today.

How does Saudi Arabia's government allow citizens to participate?

It doesn't really. There are some occassional elections for local office, but the Saudi Kingdom is an autocratic kingdom without constitutional protections for its subjects.

Did Saudi Arabia have a war?

No. Saudi Arabia never started a war but it participated in some when it had to, such as the first gulf war between Iraq and Kuwait.

Are monarchies still around?

There are still some functional monarchies around. Saudi Arabia for example still has a ruling family with government influence.