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Quantum mechanics - why matter behaves as it does on the quantum level. What exactly happened at the very beginning of the universe. Where dark matter comes from.

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Q: What are some things that scientists could not explain now?
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What is the name of something that is unable to be explained logically?

Illogical. I believe that everything can be explained eventually. There are some things, in fact a lot of things, that we can not explain now, but some day will be able to explain. So, you could say that something that can not be explained is a mystery waiting to be solved.

How could new knowledge change the way that scientists classify organisms?

When they find an animal with feathers and teats they'll have to rewrite some things.

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mice sheep

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What are some things scientists use to describe soil?

texure,size and how it is made

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Is there any living things on mars?

no but scientists have found some ice-cubes and water

Things science is unable to explain?

Science is able to explain everything. However that does not mean that they are right. Some scientists feel that man is smart enough to figure everything out so they try. These are called theories. Ideas that haven't been or necessarily can be proven. They have theorized evolution but they have never been able to prove it.

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Which theory could explain the disappearance of some galaxies?

nebular theory

What characteristics do scientists use to classify organisms?

looks, what it eats, where it lives, and some other things.

When scientists put things into cateogories or group together items that are alike in some ways they are?


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What piece of evidence convinced scientists that some meteorites could have come from the moon?


Why do scientists are famous by people?

some scientists research and find new information, give us knowledge that we didn't fully understand, or invent new things.

Could there be zombies?

Probably not. Althought there are some people who are very superstitious about things like this. Scientists proved there was one man in Britain many, many years ago who could have been the worlds first vampire, so there is always a chance.

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What are some things you could do to make your work at a help desk easier

What kind of creatures might live on Jupiter?

Scientists do not know what type of living things live on Jupiter. Scientists are still looking for any living things. If anything could live on Jupiter, pray to your God/Deity that you never bump into it. That's the Jovial bit over, some scientists believe that amino acids (the building blocks of life) could form in the upper atmosphere, but others counter with the idea that as the amino acids clump together they get heavier and sink down into the lower atmosphere and are destroyed by the pressure and heat.

Explain why scientists continue to study the moon long after the Apollo program ended and list some of the types of data that have been collected?

i have aids

Could classical conditioning explain how some individuals acquire mental disorders why or why not?


Why could scientists not see cells before the microscope?

The cells are too small for scientists to see with the naked eye. For some perspective on how small cells are, the dot above the letter 'i' is about the size of fifty cells. Scientists could not see regular cells with the eye alone.

Are there such things as parallel universes?

So far there is no evidence, this is left up to your imagination. Scientists are skeptical into believing that there could be an alternate universe, but some people still keep up their hopes in believing that there is one.