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deep knee bends......or take a good laxitive DON'T TAKE LAXITIVES!!!! The baby will come when it's ready and usually your doctor will let you go over your due date by 2 weeks. If the baby still hasn't showed signs of dropping then then doctor will induce labor.

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How can you easily and safely induce labor?

By fondling or playing with a woman's nipples can sometimes induce labor for some women.

How can you induce your labor?

what can you tell a doctor to make him induce your labor

How can accupressure induce labor?

There are accupressure points to induce labor.

How can you induce labor 36 weeks?

Well, the most natural thing I know to help induce labor is walking, and orgasms or intercourse. Here is a link that will give you a whole list of things that can help to naturally induce labor: *

Can drinking vinegar induce labor?

Drinking vinegar to induce labor is an old wives tale and will not work. It is not recommended to try to induce labor by any methods.

How do you use vegetable oil to induce labor?

Vegetable oil can't induce labor.

How can you induce labor?

It's not really safe to try and induce labor on your own. However, some old wives' tales say to eat spicy food or have sex.

Does wine induce labor?

No wine will not help induce labor. It will actually suppress labor. It was used before modern medication to help avoid pre-term labor.

Way to induce labor?

There are millions of ways to induce labor. You can try walking, drinking teas and having sex.

Nipple stimulation to induce labor?

When you do nipple stimulation you will induce a contraction.

What are the best methods to induce labor?

there is no " way " to induce it . . It happens naturally !

How do you induce labor in a cat?

Only a Vet, with medication, could induce labor in a cat. Cats are natural mothers and will go into labor when the time is right.

What is the safest way to induce labor yourself?

The safest way to induce labor yourself is not to do it. Let medical professionals do that when indicated.

Doesn't a cow require lutalyse and dextamthosone to induce labor?

doesn't a cow require lutalyse and dexamethasone to induce labor?

Does pineapples help induce labor?

Can pineapples put you in

What is an example sentence with the word induce?

The doctor wanted to induce the woman's labor and delivery.Soothing music can induce calming feelings.Induce is not the same as convince.

How can you start your labor?

Induce labir

Does vegetable oil induce labor?


What drugs induce labor?


Can eating avocado induce labor?


Does gestational diabetes cause preterm labor?

No, but it is likely they will induce labor early. One of the side effects of gestational diabetes is increased weight of the baby. They sometimes induce the labor when the baby reaches a certain weight to avoid some delivery complications.

How can you start your labor today?

You can ask your doctor if it is possible to induce labor.

Does Epsom salt help induce labor?

This application is not scientifically confirmed.

How do you induce goats labor?

A veterinarian can provide the drugs required to induce labour in a goat.

How do you induce labor at 35 weeks?

There are a few ways to induce labor. Although it is very important to go full term so your baby gets all the things he/she needs. The things I have been told are spicy foods, walking, and the biggest one is sex. Watch a REALLY intense horror movie : )