What are some things you shouldn't say to autistic people?

There are quite a number of things you shouldn't say to an autistic person, even if they don't mind being different. "You don't look autistic" or "you seem normal". That will offend autistic people who know how to communicate, because they tried passing for normal to avoid being bullied or judged in different ways, but some don't mind being what they are. "You seem very high-functioning". Just because some autistic people are high-functioning doesn't mean we're smarter than low-functioned autistics. We do have struggles more than most neurotypicals (normal people). We are not easy with change. Don't compare an autistic person as a normal person. Our brains think differently than normal people. Don't accuse autistic people as spoiled, selfish, antisocial or lazy. Many autistics are the opposite of that. One thing is you shouldn't say stuff about sex and marriage (most autistics are not interested in those topics and prefer to stay single). Don't say their unique behavior is the one causing problems for other people-they can't think like a normal person. They are not trying to cause problems for people around them and make their lives miserable. Don't tell them "can you please not rock back and forth, spin or flap your hands in public? It's embarrassing." Most autistics don't do facial expressions and stimming is a way of expressing themselves as long as they're not hurting anyone or themselves.