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As a guy myself one of the ways is that he likes to stay in touch with you and tries to get to know you better Times have changed but it does seem to be a common thread that they like to hang around you alot and would rather hang with you even if there are others around. He may pick on you in a fun way or poke at you. When the two of you speak he may look directly in your eyes and hang on your every word. He will defend you if others get indifferent to you and he may go out of his way to be where you are. You can just ask him in a round about way, like . SO what kind of girls do you like and see what he says. If he describes someone that is like you then you'll know or he may just say " a girl just like you" then you'll know too. Just take it slow and have fun. There is much time for a relationship when your older.

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Q: What are some ways in which you can know if a boy likes you or not?
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How do you know if the boy in your karate class likes you?

You can tell if the boy in your karate class likes you if he shows some interest in you.

Ten ways to see if a boy likes you?

Well u can see that a boy likes you by him watching you or trying to hand out with you I know that now because at my school a boy was looking at my but and he finally asked me out

Ways to know if a boy likes you?

he will probably show off if he likes you. if he gets embarrassed to talk to you. or seems shy around you

How to know a boy likes you?

A boy likes you when they keep bothering you

What are some signs that a boy likes you but does not let you know?

He teases you.

How do i tell if a boy likes me more than a friend if i haven't seen him lately?

A person who likes you will call to check on you. That is one of the ways to know

How do you know if a 17 year old boy likes you and your only 13?

Only 13 ? It matches with the 17 years boy. There are many ways on how to know if he likes you. If he gazes at you frequently, is a safe sign. But he won't declare or does not talk to you, he is very timid for a boy and do not deserve your love.

Ways a boy likes you?

different boys have different ways, some will just act flirty others might try and touch you if you know what i mean a shyer boy might just smile at you occasionally or you might catch him looking

What are signs a boy likes you?

What are some signs a boy likes you?

How do you know if a 9 year old boy like a 9 year old boy like me?

ask him if he likes you or have a/some friends ask him if he likes u

How do you get a boy to say he likes you when you already know he likes you?

why does he have to say it if you know its true?...

How do know if a boy likes you or not?

You know when a guy likes you when he asks you out and shows a shine to you

How do you know if an boy likes you?

If a boy likes you he will look at you or just ask you out if you like him let him know one way or another

How do you know whether a girl likes boy?

You will know if the girl likes the boy , as she might become friendly all of a sudden.

How do i tell if a boy likes you?

There is many ways, for each boy, it is different.

How do you know a boy like you or not?

You can tell that a boy likes you if he looks at you a lot or he will send you a note sating that he likes you

When do you know that a boy likes you?

you know if a boy likes if he gets nervous when he is around you, stumbles alot when he sees you, and he is always finding an excuse to talk to you.

Howdo you know if a boy likes you?

Check what and how much he likes to share with you...

How do you know a boy likes you back when you said you liked him'?

Most of the time a way a boy will show you that he likes you is that he will spend a lot of time around you and your friends. And when someone makes fun of you they sometimes will stick up for you! And notice how I used sometimes, it's mostly because some boys don't know how to show affection, they show it through different ways and sometimes inappropriate seeming ways.

What do you do when you like a boy but you don't know if he likes you?

Test him. First research signs a boy may like you then test some techniques out!

If boy likes a different girl and you and the boy are only friends how do you know he likes you?

there are some ways like if he smiles when around you or notice if he rubs his hands on his shirt or pant when he is near you cause then he has sweaty palms another way is look at the clock on the wall if there is one and quickly look at him if he looks at the clock then he was watching you and he is into you

How do you know a boy likes you-?

You know a boy likes you because he enjoys spending one-on-one time with you, is usually in a good mood around you, and is open with you.

How do you know if a 13 year old boy likes you?

Does he flirt with you or mess with you all the time? Does he invlove himself with you alot? These are some signs he likes you.

How do you know if a boy likes?

The best way to know is to ask him.

How do you know if a Virgo teen boy likes you?

Same way you know if anyone else likes you: ask him.