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Because each man is different the individual may show his emotions openly, while a quiet and subdued (or shy man) may keep his inner feelings to himself, but perhaps call you by a pet name or give your hand a little squeeze. Here are some ways, but don't think all men have to show all these signs and (the eyes have it! The eyes are the windows of the soul.) If he smiles at you and you see warmth in his eyes. If he tells you he loves you and you see the warmth in his eyes (can't be faked no matter how they try.) If he buys you one flower or a bouquet of flowers. If he's proud to show you off to his family and friends and speaks highly of you. If he puts his arm around you on occasion when introducing you to other males (not a sign of jealousy.) He will help you with chores or will be there when you need him. If he finds your ideas, hopes, dreams interesting and wants to be part of them. If he at least tries to remember your birthday or other special occasions (some men forget.) If he makes an effort with your family and friends. I could go on and on, but the above will give you some indication. Some men may treat women nicely at first and not be such nice guys, but it always comes out earlier in the relationship if the woman is not dazed by love and is aware of the signs.

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Q: What are some ways that men show they are in love with a woman?
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How can you show a woman that you love her?

Tell her you love her. Hold her hand. If you have a good voice, sing for her. If you are an artist, make her some art. You can pick her wild flowers too.

What does it mean when a man kisses a woman on the top of her neck?

its one of the ways guys show a girl that she is beautiful and they care for them and love them

What are some ways to show your girlfriend you love her?

• by spending some quality time with her• tell her you love her (not just once though)• to show someone that you love them , open up your heart to that person and be honest - a honest relationship is a good relationship

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When a man and woman are in love do their brains work in different ways?


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There are many different signs that show a woman when a man loves her. The man shows affection in many ways by taking care of her, respecting her, and by spending his time investing in her.

How does a person get their boyfriend to prove he loves you?

He either tells you he loves you or by the way he treats you do you feel lovedmen and women show emotions in different ways a woman can verbalize and will make love to you

What are some suggested ways to make a guy like you?

The most reasonable and realistic advice is to be yourself and show you as you are. Being simple, transparent and honest are good ways to get the love of a guy.

Does girl show love in badwayz?

I think that girls can show love in bad ways and good ways. Bad but still good >>One way they might show love is lying to their parents to hangout with you. Good >>They also might tell their parents they are going to hang out with you. Hope this helps Ya. My love shows it alot TO ME.

How can i show my boyfriend i still love him?

There is a few ways that you can show your boyfriend that you do love him still. You can just tell him that you love him, you can buy him things, you can write him a letter or you can do things that he enjoys doing.

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How girls show there love?

Girls show their love in a variety of ways as well in their own personal ways as all girls don't show the same. They may show you through notes, gifts, touch, verbally or even their own personal way that may be special just to you two.

What do you do if you think your parents hate you?

Show them your love despite their hatred. Love always wins, often in unexpected ways.

How do you show your love to some one?

You can show you're love for someone in many different ways. You could take them to their favorite place. Take them somewhere special. Give them flowers. Tell them how much they mean to you. Buy them a gift they have always wanted. Or simply tell them how much you love them. :D

What are the effective ways for the woman of your dreams fall in love with you?

Just flirt with her and be kind and really gentlemanly to her and ask her out

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Giving things your dog wants and needs is one way to show love to him/her. Here are the other ways of showing your dog love.

How can you convince your girl that you really love her?

There are many ways just the best way i can think of is to show the girl that you love her, or tell her why you love her, for instance what about the girl makes you love her.

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What are some ways to prove your love for someone?

dont only tell the person but show them. keep in mind that the small things in life go a long way......

How do you show your love for your wife?

There are many ways that we can show our love to our wife, by respecting her, by complimenting everything she does, by making her feel special because of who she is. We can also say that one beautiful words that can make her heart fonder, and that is " I love you !"

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saying i love you is not enough he must show ways that he really love you.

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hey i love u