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Some of the top websites to download music for an mp3 player are:,,, and


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There are many good websites where one could engage in music downloading. Some of the best websites to download music would be websites like iTunes or Zune.

A person can download Sanity music from websites that allow many different music downloads. Some of these websites include BearShare,, and Rhapsody.

A person may download HD music tracks from many websites. Some websites which have HD music tracks available for download are KAT, Pirate Bay, 4-Shared, and Bee MP3.

There is no "legal" place to download free music. Its illigeal, yet websites are still up. But and the Youtube to Mp3 site is good

yes some of the websites are legal to download music because its copy from the original CD and spared with everyone.

imeem music downloads, iTunes, amazon music, EZ tracks

There is no free downloadable music its a trap your wasting your time.

There are many sites in which you can download some good cardio music for running. I have found some websites like, and

Post-rock music can be downloaded from many different music download websites. Some examples of these websites include and Free Music Archive.

Some of the good websites to download Hindi songs are: hungama rkmania djmaza beemp3 etc

Servers do not block music, it is rather websites and ports that are being filtered. Do some searching, you should be able to find a free mp3 download site over the Internet that can be accessed.

Downloading music from internet ISN'T legal,so,the're are not 'legal sites' .

Websites offer a variety of services when it comes to sheet music and sample music. You can visit where you can instantly download and print sheet music right at home.

It's easy for you to download music videos from YouTube by some YouTube downloader converter, which can help you download YouTube music videos and help you convert the video format, so that the music video can be playable on your Windows Media Player.

i have used netgear and it was really good and i am guessing that it is legal

One of the things that you can try is you can get music on that free. abcmp3 beemp3 (requires to right click on the file and click save as to download) megaupload fileserve

Try some crappy websites didn't work for me, 4shared and shi like that.

You can stream and listen to classical music from websites like iTunes and Capradio. Some of the websites that allow you to stream this music may also sell the music.

Jesus music is another name for christian music. It can be downloaded at the websites of some religious groups. One can also find sheet music for christian songs at the same sites.

Search for the keywords Earmilk Hypem Soundcloud Gottadancedirty These will lead you to the sites you are seeking.

You can use many methods to download music albums. There are many websites (most illegal) that give you the option to download them. Some websites along with iTunes will give you music albums for a certain price usually $10.00. The best method would be to use CD's as they can be physically shared with friends. However, they sometimes need to be manually updated in terms of their music information. You can use torrents as well.

I don't know how to watch videos on the Internet on a Psp but some websites allow you download videos to the Psp but you can go to download music but other websites probably wont work like doesn't work for some reason.

There are many websites that offer music and MP3s for the song "Last Christmas". Some of these websites are MP3 Skull, iTunes, Dilandau and Share Beast.

No troubles if the download is legal (free music or you have paid for download). But downloading illegal music may bring you troubles. It all depends. If you download illegal music like from and its illegal. If you pay for the music like on i tunes than its legal. Just look at it like this if its free its illegal. Even Some websites offer legal free Music Downloads.

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