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What are sources of sulfur oxide water pollution?

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Sources of sulfur oxide pollution are engine combustion of fossil fuels, & metal extraction from ore. Water is the main sink for sulfur oxide.

pollution of water sources by anything that can be considered sewage. pollution of water sources by anything that can be considered sewage.

Carbon monoxideNitrogen oxideSulfur OxideWater

What sources of radioactivity will result in water pollution

Sulfur oxides react with water to become sulphuric acid.

Two principal mechanisms for water pollution are point sources and nonpoint sources. Point sources are specific locations of industrial discharge, such as a pipe that dumps into a river. Nonpoint sources is pollution that does not originate from a single point. Urban runoff and agricultural pollution are nonpoint sources.

Sulfur dioxide causes air pollution and acid rain by reacting with rain water to form sulfurous acid

The kind of pollution comes from track able sources is usually trash pollution in the water. Air pollution and fossil fuel pollution are also track able sources.

Carbon mono/di-oxide, sulfur di/tri-oxide, sulfur dichloride, disulfur dichloride,and last but not least:WATER

Yes, water pollution occurs * when waste is dumped into water sources and * oil and toxins are introduced to water

An acidic oxide -usually a non-metal oxide such as sulfur dioxide etc.

Most human activities cause air or water pollution.

Thermal pollution is the degrading of water by the increase of water temperature. There are several sources including industrial factories and electric power plants.

Some of the sources of water pollution include; sewer waste, industrial wastes, oil spillage, and chemical drainage.

No, not strictly speaking. Sulfuric acid is a mineral acid. It is made by reacting Sulfur Trioxide with water. Sulfur Trioxide IS a non-metal oxide.

Yes, both sulfur oxides are acidic: with water the give sulfurous (weak -) and sulfuric (strong -) acids

Yes, both sulfur oxides are acidic: with water they give sulfurous (weak -) and sulfuric (strong -) acids

Acid rain, which is made of sulfuric acid. The nitrogen oxide is a catalyst.

Sulfur dioxide is the anhydride of sulfurous acid, H2SO3; the acid minus this oxide is water.

When fossil Fuels are burned, they release sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere causing air pollution. When these pollutants combine with water in the atmosphere, they form sulfuric acid and nitric acid, which makes acid precipitation.

acid rain, plants, and animals

The main sources of water pollution are as follows : 1) sewage 2) Industrial wastes 3) synthetic soaps and detergents 4) fertilizers and pesticides .

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