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What are standard return-to-vendor policies?

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In order to return a product to the vendor, you almost always need a receipt. Most companies also ask that the product is returned in its original package and within a set time frame.

2014-06-11 21:44:46
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What is HRM policies?

HRM policies are working standard and guide line of working processing in business.

What are the three basic standardized homeowners policies in Texas?

HO-1, HO-2, and HO-3 policies are the primary standard homeowners policies in all states.

What type of policies are covered in non-standard auto programs?

All of them. Typically you can get most of the standard coverages on a non-standard or assigned risk type policy.

What types of life insurance policies does HSBC offer?

HSBC offers many different types of life insurance policies such as term and whole policies. The option to list several beneficiaries is of course standard and available.

Does homeowner insurance cover vehicles?

No, in fact standard homeowner's policies specifically exclude coverage for vehicles.

Why do the Japanese have a high standard of living?

Since the fall of their Imperialistic and Militaristic policies Japans social welfare and pacifist policies along with foreign investment in high tech and profitable, clean industries has given it a higher standard of living than the US and most of Europe with the 10th highest living standard in the world. Japan is a very well managed country.

Do homeowner insurance policies typically include flood coverage?

Flood coverage is not standard in most homeowner insurance policies. If flooding concerns you, then you should address this with your insurance company and have the coverage added.

What is the difference between standard and non-standard auto insurance?

Standard insurance is for drivers with very few violations, claims or cancellations of previous policies. In most cases, these drivers have better insurance (or credit) scores. Based on these characteristics, standard insurance premiums are much less than non-standard insurance premiums. Non-standard insurance, on the other hand, is for those with major violations, prior cancellations, prior claims, no prior insurance coverage amongst other things. These insurance policies, most likely, are for minimum coverage.

What is the difference between rules and policies?

There is one main difference between rules and policies. A policy sets a standard for how things should go. A rule is a steadfast policy that cannot be bent for any reason.

Who has the responsibility to ensure that policies and procedures are consistent with the spirit and intent of AFOSH Standard 91-501?

Air Staff

In what state did standard fire insurance policies originate?

1. NE 2. CT 3. NY 4. IL

What is covered under unendorsed auto policy?

This policy is not possible to be answered. One reason is that policies vary from one state to another. Another reason is that policies from one company to another vary as well. Within one state there may be several different policies available from different companies. ISO produces a standard personal auto policy in each state. Many companies use the standard ISO policy but some do not.

What two states allow for coverage of mobile homes under standard homeowner insurance policies?

Are there only two states out of 50?

What diseases can keep you from getting life a insurance policies?

Send in an application and see. You might get the policy at standard pricing or maybe a surcharge.

Are long-term care insurance policies the same?

Currently, there is no universal standard for defining long-term care facilities.

Why should you follow OH and S and food hygiene policies and standard?

To prevent contamination of foods and stop people from getting sick.

What is the meaning of SRCC by insurance?

The reference to SRCC in an insurance policy is generally taken to mean "Strike, Riot or Civil Commotion". It is a fairly standard exclusion (non-covered occurrence) in many insurance policies, including health policies.

What kinds of insurance policies does Meloche Monnex offer?

"Meloche Monnex offers auto, residential, recreational vehicles and travel insurance. For home insurance, they offer comprehensive, broad and standard policies. There is seasonal rating for motorcycle coverege."

What are the environmental factors affecting the development and practice of accounting in Nigeria and their impact?

poor graduates, low standard of our education and poor government policies

Do standard homeowners policies have earthquake insurace as part of them?

It depends where you live. If you live in California where earthquakes occur, yes. If you live somewhere that does not have that issue, then no.

What should I know before starting a 401k with my local bank?

401K policies are fairly standard, so bank-specific policies are less of an issue. The main thing that differs is what types of investments your specific plan will use. Be sure to ask about this.

What is Frances standard living like?

Frances social welfare policies and well management have given it some of the highest living standards in the world exceeding the US and much of Europe. It has the 8th highest living standard in the world.

What is the correct spelling for business's policies?

Business policiesMeaning: the policies of business in generalBusiness's policiesMeaning: the policies of a businessBusinesses' policiesMeaning: the policies of two or more businesses

Can you have multiple travel insurance policies?

Yes, you can as long as they are not from the same company. There is usually a standard provision in travel insurance policies that prohibit you from buying more than one policy from the same company however, it does not apply if you buy from a different insurance company.

Can you give an example of a company policy?

Most companies have Operation and Standard Manuals and Ethics Policies. These could contain a wide range of do's & don'ts and Internet policies. They should have a Work Place Safety Plan and an Occupational Health & Safety Committee.