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- An acorn should be carried to bring luck and ensure long life

- An acorn by the window will keep lightning out


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You should not believe in Superstitions. Superstitions is the product of ignorance among people. Many superstitions are not true.

Acorns don't have much proteins. Acorns are high in fat and carbs. source:

All Oak trees have acorns. Acorns fall during the fall season.

There are no Buddhist superstitions although individuals may have their own private superstitions as in any religion.

Bur Oak acorns are the biggest.

Yes...acorns are oak nuts.

The Mush Furniture items are furniture items you get from Cornimeir. (I don't know how to spell it.) He has an acorn head, and comes to your town on the Acorn Festival which lasts one week. He scatters acorns around your town, and you have to gather up as many acorns as you can and give them to him. Then, he will give you Mush Furniture! Which is really rare!Mush Bed: 170 AcornsMush Chair: 40 AcornsMush Closet: 80 AcornsMush Dresser: 60 AcornsMush End Table: 10 AcornsMush Lamp: 25 AcornsMush Stand: 100 AcornsMush Stool: 5 AcornsMush Table: 120 AcornsMush TV: 140 AcornsForest Floor: 230 acornsForest Wall: 200 acorns

if a horse eats to many acorns he can become very ill, especially if there green acorns

Only oak trees produce acorns. If a redwood forest has any oaks, they would have acorns, but redwood trees are conifers and produce cones, not acorns.

Yes, anybody that wishes to believe in superstitions can.

Acorns are the fruit of the oak tree.

They made a soup, and bread from the acorns

Acorns are the seed of the oak tree.

NO they don't eat acorns

Acorns are the fruit of an oak tree.

you can't get acorns on animal crossing Yeah you do! You can get acorns on animal crossing:wild world during the acorn festival.

their superstitions is ghosts and paranormal phenoma

Magick is a craft. Superstitions are beliefs.

We can superstitions what end could do really like glacier

Quercus have acorns and Corylus have hazelnuts.

Acorns are the seed of the Oak tree and therefore they do not eat.

Yes for a bird that eats acorns.

No, acorns are not an effect repellent for spiders.

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