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There are no Buddhist superstitions although individuals may have their own private superstitions as in any religion.

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You should not believe in Superstitions. Superstitions is the product of ignorance among people. Many superstitions are not true.

Yes, anybody that wishes to believe in superstitions can.

their superstitions is ghosts and paranormal phenoma

Magick is a craft. Superstitions are beliefs.

We can superstitions what end could do really like glacier

the Most popular Buddha Statues are as follows, Shakyamuni buddha statues Medicine Buddha Statues Meditation Buddha Statues Laughing Buddha Statues Amitabha Buddha statues Blessing Buddha Statues Nirvana Buddha Statues Samantabadhra Buddha Statues Thai Buddha Statues Maitreya Buddha Statues Dhyani Buddha Statues Feng shui Buddha Statues Vairochana Buddha Statues Akshobhya Buddha Statues Standing Buddha Statues

Buddha Is As Buddha Does has 288 pages.

Buddha Is As Buddha Does was created on 2008-02-26.

People believe in superstitions because they are driven by fear.

No. By definition superstitions do not have a scientific basis.

common superstitions think happen in singapore

No, superstitions by definition do not have a scientific basis.

do you mean why is buddha important? do you mean why is buddha important? do you mean why is buddha important?

The ISBN of Buddha Is As Buddha Does is 978-0-06-085953-4.

Scientifically, superstitions are considered as a psychological need for supernatural belief

they had the Typical superstitions black cat, spilling salt etc.

The seven lucky Buddha statues are said to represent many instances in life like wealth, happiness, good luck, and the like. The seven statues are money Buddha, lucky Buddha, ingot Buddha, laughing Buddha, freedom Buddha, relaxing Buddha, and wealthy Buddha.

Possibly because they were religious. People who are not religious do not normally believe in superstitions.

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No, when there are no superstitions with scientific proof how is it possible for superstitious people.

For comets, no. Asteroids never had any superstitions associated with them.

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