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What are superstitious beliefs and practices?

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Superstition is a belief that certain happenings can be cured by less than medical practices.

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What are some superstitious beliefs and practices?

Check out the related link for a list of some superstitious beliefs and practices.

Give 10 superstitious beliefs and practices?

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Enumerate and describe some superstitious beliefs of practices in science?

what is the answer of enumerate some beliefs and practices related to the science and technology

What some superstitious beliefs and practices with scientific basis?

There are none. If a belief or practice is superstitious, then by defintion it does not have a scientific basis.

Are their evidences as to the truthfulness of the superstitious beliefs?

There are no scientific evidences for superstitious beliefs. Not only that, but there is no evidence of any kind for superstitious beliefs.

What superstitious beliefs don't have a scientific basis?

All of them, that is why they are superstitions.

What is the difference among superstitious belief from superstitious belief with scientific basis?

Superstitious beliefs are basically not proven and beliefs with scientific basis are beliefs that are proven to be true.

What is the conclusion of these superstitious belief?

what is conclusion of superstitious beliefs

What is the Superstitious beliefs in the poem night of the scorpion?

what are the superstitious belief

How do these superstitious beliefs affect health?

How do these superstitiousbeliefs affect health?In: Mental Health [Edit categories]

How scientific principles and superstitious beliefs contradict with each other?

How scientific principles and superstitious beliefs contradict

Can you give me 5 examples of superstitious beliefs about plants and animal with scientific explanation?

A superstitious beliefs related to plants?

What are the 10 superstitious beliefs?

10 examples of supertitios beliefs

What are the superstitious beliefs of meteor?

A meteor is an inanimate object and has no beliefs

What are Filipino superstitious beliefs in building a house?

superstitious belief in building a house

What are the superstitious beliefs and practices?

Superstitions are beliefs that one event causes another event somehow. For instance, some people believe it is bad luck to walk under a ladder or open an umbrella indoors.

What is scientific explanations 0f superstitious belief of plants and animals?

A superstitious beliefs about dogs?

How does superstitious belief affects science and technology?

Superstitious beliefs really don't affect science and technology because both are based on evidence. Since superstitious beliefs can't be proven, scientists ignore them.

What are the examples of superstitious beliefs of India?


Do you believe in superstitious beliefs and practices even if theyre are no scientific bases?

If by superstitious beliefs you mean God and Jesus Christ, then yes I do believe in them. I believe that no matter what science says there is a God and a heaven which is where those worthy will be received when they die. Although science can explain numerous things there are those things that science cant explain.

What is a superstitious belief about comets?

The superstitious belief about comets are that they bring bad luck. Others superstitious beliefs are that comets are attacks that are brought on by the heavens.

Do scientist believe in superstitious beliefs?

Most scientists do not believe in superstitious beliefs. This is because they are not proven by facts. However scientists decide what they believe and don't believe.

What is asteroid's superstitious belief?

Some superstitious beliefs about asteroids is that they are a cause for evil and that they brind death and destruction.

What are some beliefs and practices in the Philippines during menstruation?

beliefs or practices in menstruation

Example of superstitious beliefs?

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