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what is bad exhaust system?

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Q: What are symptoms of a bad exhaust system?
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What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump in a 2002 Nissan Altima?

The emission of the black smoke from the exhaust is one of the symptoms pf a bad fuel pump in a 2002 Nissan Altima. Failure of the cranks to fire is another bad symptoms of a bad fuel pump.

What are the symptoms of bad injectors on a cummns 5.9?

rough idle,execsive smoke from exhaust ,low power could all be symptoms of bad injectors . also check the delivery pump pressure it could also cause the same symptoms

What are the symptoms of an exhaust system problem?

The first symptom of an exhaust system problem is your vehicle will be louder than normal,especially when accelerting. You may also notice a drop in performnce and fuel economy.

Is a straight pipe exhaust system bad for a truck that had a catalytic converter and a muffler?


Is it bad to drive your car without an exhaust?

Yes, without a proper exhaust system in the car carbon monoxide can enter the passenger compartment and kill you.

What is the symptoms of a bad map sensor?

Engine running real RICH / To much fuel. Smokeing black out of the exhaust engine running ROUGH.

Why does fuel dump through the exhaust system 1995 LS 400 Lexus?

Bad spark plugs or wires bad fuel injection system bad timing or worst case bent valve.

What is the purpose of exhaust brackets?

Exhaust system brackets are used to hold the exhaust system in place

a car has an exhaust pipe?


What are the symptoms of a bad muffler of a 96 Honda civic?

A bad muffler on a 96 civic could cause loud exhaust noise. The muffler could cause hard starting if it is stopped up.

What are the symptoms of cat converter failure?

The Catalytic concertor smells like rotten egg throughout the exhaust system or rattling from underneath your vehicle .

What is the hottest part of the exhaust system?

The exhaust valves are the hottest component of the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine.

Is it bad that the radiator's exhaust pipe has a hole?

Radiators do not have exhaust.

Can a bad exhaust gasket cause leak in exhaust?


What causes water to drip from your exhaust tailpipe is it good or bad?

AnswerCondensation. The hot exhaust system is prone to do this, sometimes mufflers have a small hole in them to act as a drain. Don't worry about it.

IF a complete exhaust system is changed on a Raptor 80 Do you need to readjust the carburetor?

Just alittle should not be that bad.

How would oil get into exhaust system?

Worn piston rings, bad valve seals,

You have a 1998 gmc jimmy and when you start my car it smells like gas really bad?

you have an ehaust leak some close to the engine conpartment its probly where the headders/exhaust manifold meets the y pipe/cross pipe. depending on how bad of shape the exhaust system is. it may be rusted out or it might be the exhaust gaskets. if its not the exhaust then you have a fuel leak somewhere in the system. if its caurberated cheek to see if there is a bad odor from uder the hood then run through the fuel lines and look for leaking. im goinna go with the exaust though.

What is the loudest exhaust system for a raptor 700r?

XX6 Curtis sparks exhaust system

What is the name of a car with dual exhaust?

Dual exhaust systems are systems in cars that have two mufflers and two exhaust pipes. This system is called a dual exhaust system, or a twin exhaust system. It can be installed on a vehicle after market.

What is the meaning of cobalt exhaust?

The term cobalt exhaust is related to the exhaust system in automobiles. It consists of the various parts in the exhaust system such as mufflers. It reduces the noise and pollution.

Where can one get a performance exhaust system installed?

There are many places where one can get a performance exhaust system installed. One can get a performance exhaust system installed at places such as Dynomax.

What are symptoms to a bad oxygen sensor for a fire bird?

If you are not getting an error light, you can check the color and oder of the exhaust. Dark exhaust means the car is running "rich" and that can be due to the 02 sensor telling the computer there is not enough fuel.Bad O2 sensors will cause loss of power and fuel economy.

What are the symptoms of a bad TDC sensor?

what are the symptoms of bad tdc o2 sensor

What symptoms do you get from breathing exhaust fumes directly?

Headache and nausea