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Steering will "wobble" at higher speeds and sometimes when braking. General looseness in steering.

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Q: What are symptoms of bad lower control arm?
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Signs of a bad lower control arm?

A bad lower control arm can cause the car to shake, wander, or be hard to steer. If the arm breaks or comes loose, then you will lose control and not be able to steer the vehicle.

Is it dangerous when the lower control arm bushings are bad?

Most definitely.

How do you remove the bushing in the lower control arm?

i find the torch a relaxing way. it has a bad smell and is toxic to breath in

How do you replace control arm bushing?

You have to remove the lower or upper control arm (what bushings are bad), using wrenches and a pickel fork to separate the ball joints. You then take the arm to a hydraulic press and press out the old ones and install the new ones. Reverse assembly.

What are the Symptoms of a faulty temperature control lockout switch?

what are the symptoms of a bad temperature switch

1991 aruca legdeni had the left lower cortor ame put on because it was putting to the left now it is doing it agane?

Control arm bushings could be bad. But, start out by checking you tire pressure. Also, the pull could be from mismatched front tires, or uneven wear due to driving around with a bad control arm for too long.

How to replace control arm - ball joint 1986-1995 Taurus Sable?

According to the Chiltons Repair Manual, on 1986-1995 Taurus / Sables, the lower ball joint is an integral part of the lower control arm and is not replaceable - replace the lower control arm as an assembly.Replacing the lower control arm isn't all that bad of a project...Prep: Raise and support front end - remove wheel, caliper, rotor* Remove 'tension strut' nut - that's the bar coming from the frame out to the middle of the lower control arm * Remove the 'pinch bolt' at the bottom of the steering knuckle holding the lower control arm / ball joint stem - it would help to open up the pinch with a small pry bar * Remove bolts from inside control arm frame mounting / pivot point Install:* Place control arm over the end of the tension strut* Reattach control arm to frame pivot point - torque nut to 73-97 ft. lbs. * Align the 'grove' in the ball joint stud with the pinch bolt opening -* Line the stud up with the angle of the steering knuckle opening and insert * Insert pinch bolt and torque to 40-53 ft. lbs. * Time to put the nut and dished washer on the tension strut - dished washer facing AWAY from control arm (frontwards) - torque to 73-97 ft. lbs. Re-install caliper, rotor and don't forget the front wheel.

How do you replace 2003 Dodge Caravan ball joint?

The lower ball joint presses out. You need a ball joint press you can rent one at autozone. Also, the lower control arm needs to be inspected real good,sometimes if the lower control arm bushings are worn bad enough its cheaper to replace the whole thing ,rather then try to repair the one you got. I have seen some that the lower ball joint would be loose in once the new ball joint was pressed in. Not a easy job,so take notes before to start on this one. It may be cheaper to buy the whole new lower control arm for it

Can a control arm bushing being bad cause shaking in the front end of a car?


What are the symptoms of bad shocks?

what are the symptoms of bad shocks on a car? When you brake while driving over a "wash board" area in the road, you have a hard time keeping the vehicle under control.

1995 Chevy Lumina APV has a knocking on passenger side behind front wheel what could it be?

The Chevy lumina vans are bad for stab link kits and lower control arm bushings. If you inspect the lower control arm See if the bushing has come free of its bonding. Also does your van have a 3.4 in it. Check to make sure the intake gaskets arn't leaking. Another major problem for this vehicle.

What are the symptoms of a bad electronic spark control module?

Generally if the spark control module on an engine is bad, the car will run roughly. It will likely miss and die at low idle speeds.

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