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What are synonyms of grandmother?

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Abuela, Nana, Grandma, Mammy, Nain, Nanny, Grandmom, and anything else these days. I know 2 grandmothers who are called, "Honey".

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What are synonyms of mom?

These are some synonyms i found online: Child-Bearer grandmother ma mama matriarch matron mommy mumsy parents

What is a Russian grandmother?

A Russian grandmother is the grandmother of a child, but she has to be Russian. Like a American or British grandmother is the grandmother to a child, but she has the respective heritage.The Russian term for grandmother is babushka.

Is quick and speedy are a synonyms antonyms or homophones?

They are synonyms.

What is the Arabic word for grandmother?

grandmother = jadda my grandmother = jaddatee

What is the English word for grandmother?

Grandmother is the English word for grandmother.

Is there such a thing as a grandmother in law?

The grandmother of your spouse is your Grandmother-in-law.

What is the scottish word for grandmother?

seanmhair, my grandmother is m'seanmhair, your grandmother is d'seanmhair

What do you call your grandmother's grandmother?

Your grandmother's grandmother is your great-great-grandmother.

What to call your friends grandmother?

You can call your friend's grandmother as grandmother.You can call her grandmother because your friend calls her grandmother.

How are you related if his great grandmother and your grandmother are cousins?

If his great grandmother and your grandmother are firstcousins, the you and he are third cousins, once removed.

Is nona french for grandmother?

No, nonna is Italian for grandmother in french, grandmother is grandmere

How do you say grandmother in cree?

The Cree word for grandmother is ohkomimâw. My grandmother is nohkom.

What is the Swedish word for grandmother?

maternal grandmother = mormor paternal grandmother = farmor

Navajo word for grandmother?

Shímásání ( my maternal grandmother )Shinálí ( my paternal grandmother)

How do you translate 'grandmother' into Afrikaans?

Ouma is Grandmother translated into Afrikaans

How do you say 'grandmother' in German?

Grandmother = Großmutter Granny= Oma.

Do you capitalize great-grandmother?

The term "great-grandmother is not usually capitalized.

What is your father's maternal grandmother called?

Your father's maternal grandmother is your great-grandmother.

What is the Aramaic word for grandmother?

Grandmother = סבה (sava)"the grandmother" = סבתא (savta)Note: The Aramaic word savta ("the grandmother") was borrowed into modern Hebrew as the word for "grandmother" or "grandma".

Can Sittu be used as the word for grandmother in Lebanese?

Sittu or Sitto means "his grandmother". If you want to refer to your grandmother you say Sitti. Sitta also means "her grandmother" and Sitton "their grandmother".

What is the Iroquois name for grandmother?


What do you call an Amish grandmother?


How do you say great great grandmother in spanish?

Tatarabuela Grandmother: abuela Great grandmother: bisabuela Great great grandmother: tatarabuela

What do you call your cousins grandmother?

Your first cousin's grandmother may be your grandmother as well. If not, she is not related to you and there is no special term for "your cousin's grandmother who is not related to you."

How do you use the word synonyms in a sentence?

Synonyms are words that have similar definitions. Synonyms can be found in a thesaurus. Speak, talk and chat are synonyms. We had to look for synonyms of each word. Some of the synonyms I have never heard of before.