What are telemark skis?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Telemark skis are skis which emulate an early adaptation to Nordic/cross country skiing, often credited to Sandre Norheim (excuse spelling) of Norway. Originally the telemark skiing method enabled the nordic skier to descend moderately angled snowy slopes with an increased amount of control, and with little or no equipment modifications. A controlled ski descent of a snowy slope is accomplished by turning to maneuver and meter speed. The classical telemark turn is accomplished with one heel touching the outside/downhill/leading ski and the other heel raised from the inside/uphill/trailing ski. Done effectively, this position requires significant bending of both knees, and some twisting of the hips/torso. Today, telemark skiing is a form of alpine skiing. Telemark ski equpment varies from conventional alpine ski equipment or from alpine touring ski equipment regarding boots and bindings. Through a specially designed boot, Telemark ski equipment fastens the toe and the ball(widest part) of each foot to a ski. The heel of the telemark foot/boot can pivot vertically, with some resistance, about the ball of the telemark foot/boot. For more visual information,
People often argue the advantages and disadvantages and relative difficulties attributed to using the various types of ski equipment. Ultimately, it is important to remember the value and spirit of recreation does not often depend on competition or argument, and that recreation is often more fun when done with others.

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It is a cross between Nordic (cross-country) and Alpine (downhill) skiing and involves doing free-heel turns that resemble a lunge maneuver.

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Q: What are telemark skis?
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When might one need telemark skis?

One would need telemark skis if they are skiing a course that has many turns or if they are interested in performing a lot of carving while skiing. Slalom skiing is another reason one would prefer telemark skis as they allow the user to make more precise turns.

What part of the skis are used to measure ski jumping?

you land in a telemark position and you are marked between boots

How many skis does the average person use when skiing?

Two. If a person practiced several disciplines of skiing he might have several pairs of skis - maybe all-mountain, powder and telemark skis - but when you are on the mountain you'll take one pair of skis with you.

What is the difference between alpine touring skis and all mountain skis?

Alpine Touring, also known as Randonnée, is a type of backcountry skiing. Randonnée ski bindings are a cross between standard downhill bindings (toes and heels locked in) and telemark bindings (only toes locked in). With randonnée bindings, the skier can clip down the heel piece when skiing downhill (like downhill bindings) and release it when skating or climbing (like telemark bindings). Special ski boots are used with both telemark and randonnée; though, randonnée boots have rigid soles like standard downhill boots. Also, randonnée bindings can release during falls, but telemark bindings cannot. And a skier need not learn to turn differently on AT skis, as with telemark skis, since the heel can be clipped down. As for the skis themselves, AT skis are typically much wider and heavier than a basic ski-area ski, as they are used more often in deep powder and ungroomed conditions; though, randonnée bindings can be mounted to most skis. All Mountain skis are a mid-width type of ski, such that the skier can handle well in both groomed and ungroomed/powder conditions--the latter not as well as with AT skis.

Can you use regular ski bindings on telemark skis?

That depends on what you mean by regular bindings. You can use cross-country bindings but not alpine bindings.

What content can be found on the Voile website?

Various outside sports equipment can be purchased on the Voile website, such as: Skis, Telemark Binds and Avalanche Shovels, Splitboards and Softgoods.

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