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Empirical evidence suggests that the competencies for entrepreneurial success are many and varied: however, overall, there are probably 10 that appear most regularly:


1. Integrity - the entrepreneur has a clear sense of values and beliefs that underpin the creative and business decisions that they make; and that influence the actions they take, particularly when in difficult or challenging circumstances

2. Conceptual Thinking - the entrepreneur is prepared to use fresh approaches; comes up with crazy ideas that may just work, leading to radical change or significant improvements; and takes time to listen to new ideas without pre-judgement

3. Risk taking - the entrepreneur understands that risk taking means trying something new, and possibly better, in the sense of stretching beyond what has been done in the past; and that the constant challenge is to learn how to assess choices responsibly, weighing the possible outcomes against his/her values and responsibilities

4. Networking - the entrepreneur understands that networking is a key business activity which can provide access to information, expertise, collaboration and sales; and that careful planning and preparation helps achieve desired results

5. Strategic Thinking - the entrepreneur understands and values the planning process, thinking and planning over a significant timescale; recognises external trends and opportunities; and is able to think through any complex implications for the business

6. Commercial Aptitude - the entrepreneur keeps up to date with developments in the sector; seeks out best practice; and identifies and seizes opportunities that are not obvious to others

7. Decisiveness - the entrepreneur resolves issues as they arise; does not get bogged down in analysis during decision making; and responds flexibly to deal with changing priorities

8. Optimism - the entrepreneur persists in pursuing goals despite obstacles and setbacks; operates from hope of success rather than from fear of failure; and sees setbacks as due to manageable circumstance rather than a personal flaw

9. Customer Sensitivity - the entrepreneur builds trust and long term relationships with customers; generates an expectation of high level of customer service; and regularly exceeds customer expectation

10. People Focus - the entrepreneur creates common purpose with colleagues through shared vision and values; walks the talk; sees and values the best in others; builds the total capability of the immediate and wider team; and always considers the principles of inclusiveness in planning and dealing with others

11.persistance - taking repeated actions to overcome the obstacles.

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Q: What are ten competencies of an entrepreneur?
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