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when you spill it ,

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What is Alcohol misuse abuse dependency?

No. Not all alcohol abuse is alcohol dependency (alcoholism), but all alcoholism is alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse is common but alcoholism is not.

What is the percent of alcohol being involved in spouse abuse?

99.9% of spouse abuse is caused by alcohol abuse.

What does ethol abuse mean?

alcohol abuse

What percent of animal abuse involves alcohol?

42% of animal abuse was involved with alcohol in 2005.

Can alcohol cause Alcohol abuse and alcoholism?

Yes anxiety is very common and even inevitable in those who abuse alcohol and or drugs.

Why do teenagers abuse alcohol and what are the dangers of teenage alcohol abuse?

teenagers sometimes abuse alchohol because they feel like it is more cool to be underaged and drinking than of the age to drink. but not all teenagers abuse alcohol.

Why CNS stimulant is contraindicated in alcohol abuse?

why central nervous system stimulant is contraindicated in alcohol abuse

Is alcohol abuse a stress related illness?

Alcohol abuse is not an illness but a behavior. The same is true of alcoholism.

Can you die of alcohol?

People can die from the abuse of alcohol.

Can alcohol destroy a family?

Alcohol abuse and misuse can.

Is alcohol abuse the same as alcohol addiction?

yes it is.

What would be the precise way to search for teenage girls who abuse alcohol?

When searching in the library catalog to find information about teenaged girls who abuse alcohol, whch of the following search statements would be most precise? (teenaged girls) AND (alcohol abuse) (teenaged girls) OR (alcohol abuse)

Alcohol invovled in child abuse?

Alcohol and drug addiction is a very common factor in child abuse cases.

Is drinking alcohol a drug abuse?

Alcohol is a drug, and drinking alcoholic beverages in excess is a form of substance abuse.

Does drug and alcohol abuse happen in France?

Drug and alcohol abuse happen wherever significant numbers of human beings are exposed to drugs and alcohol.

How does bad parenting influence alcohol abuse?

Being a poor role model by abusing alcohol is the major parental influence on promoting alcohol abuse.

What are some dangers of alcohol abuse to the heart?

alcohol abuse and continuous intake of alcohol could lead to a shortage of breath and eventually cardiac arrest

How do you stop alcohol abuse?

give them regular rubbing alcohol.

Why is alcohol and drug abuse considered a individual problem?

Alcohol and drug abuse are individual problems (that is, are caused by individuals) because it is the individual who chooses to use or to abuse these substances.

How do you prevent alcohol abuse?

A person who consumes 14 or more alcohol drinks in a week is considered to be at risk of alcohol abuse. The best way to prevent the abuse is to monitor, and limit the amount of alcohol drinks consumed in a day. Doctors recommend limiting drinks with alcohol to 3 or less a day.

How many people die of alcohol?

No one dies from alcohol, only from the abuse of alcohol.

What is the biggest drug to be abuse?


What is alchohalism?

Alcoholism is alcohol abuse.

Does alcohol abuse cause sweating?


Can hipitites be caused by alcohol abuse?