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Deadliest earthquakes in the 20th century?

Some of the most deadliest earthquakes occurred in 1906. Those earthquakes took place in: Ecuador, Aleutian Islands, Chile, and Mongolia.

What tornado recorded the most deaths?

The Daulatpur-Saturia tornado of Bangladesh is the deadliest tornado in world history, with a death toll of about 1,300.

Were 5 most deadliest earthquakes in the world?

1 is the shaanix(shensi) china earthquake

What year had the most earthquakes?

The year that had the most earthquakes was in 2003. Based on the recorded records, that is when there were more earthquakes than other years.

Where is the most recorded number of earthquakes?

pacific plate

What country has had the most recorded earthquakes?

chile has had about 1230

Does Indiana have both tornadoes and earthquakes?

Indiana has both tornadoes and earthquakes. Tornadoes are an ongoing threat and storms as strong as F5 have been recorded. Most earthquakes in Indiana have been under magnitude 5 and mostly unnoticeable, but southern Indiana is close to the New Madrid fault which, in 1811, was the epicenter of the most powerful earthquake in US recorded history.

What are the 5 most deadliest earthquakes?

Well. The 5th most deadliest earthquake is : 5. Haiti (2010) 4. Haiyuan (1920) 3. Tangshan (1976) 2. Antioch (526) AND 1. Shaanxi (1556)

What volcano Caused Destruction and loss of life?

One is Tambora. It killed up to (maybe more) 71000 people and it is the most deadliest erruption in recorded history hoped it helped mlly09

What was the deadliest drought?

The deadliest drought in recorded history was in China between 1876 and 1879. Rivers were dry, so most crops and livestock died.There was no food production in a 1-million km2 area of 9 provinces. The drought caused the death of an estimated nine millionpeople.

Is hurricane Wilma the top hurricane?

Not really, although it had the lowest pressure ever recorded, it did not have the strongest winds nor was it the deadliest or most destructive. Hurricane Camille had the strongest winds. Hurricane was the most destructive hurricane in American history (in terms of dollar value). The Galveston hurricane on 1900 was the deadliest hurricane in American history. However, far deadlier hurricanes (known as typhoons there) have struck Bangladesh.

Which are the ten most powerful earthquakes in history?


What are the 2 most damaging earthquakes in the Philippine history?


Why was World War 2 the deadliest war?

World war 2 was the deadliest war in history because over 62,000,000 people died. Most of them were civilians.

What is the most deadliest volcano?

The most deadliest volcano is Mont Pelee

How many people the Krakatau volcano killed?

The 1883 eruption of Krakatoa was one of the deadliest and most destructive volcanic events in recorded history, with at least 36,417 deaths being attributed to the eruption itself and the tsunamis it created.

What was the most destructive hurricane ever recorded?

I think it's Katrina, and the deadliest hurricane was a hurricane in Galveston,Texas in 1900.

What country has the most largest earth quikes?

Of the largest earthquakes recorded, Chile has the most, a total of 5/27.

What is the most deadlist bug?

The mosquito is deadliest insect; in fact it is probably the deadliest anything. As the mosquito spreads malaria, it is responsible for more deaths than all the wars in history.

Do earthquakes occur in Indonesia yes or no?

Yes. Indonesia is in a very earthquake prone zone. In 2004 it had one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded.

Where did the most deadliest hurricane strike?

It is hard to define which is the deadliest hurricane. the hurrican happened in 1979 is the most deadliest hurricane.

What is the most deadliest volcano ever?

The most deadliest volcano is Mont Pelee

Most of earths history is recorded where?

In sedimentary rock.

Who is the most recorded artist in history?

Chet Atkins

Was Hurricane Katrina the worst hurrican ever?

Katrina was the most destructive hurricane recorded in terms of property damage, but it was the not the deadliest or the strongest.