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  1. A balanced trading policy to make Great Britain sufficient
  2. Defensive buffers to protect British colonies from French and other countries
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What are the 3 reasons for the founding of the Georgia colony?

There were three reasons for the founding of the Georgia Colony. Georgia was to be a place debtors in prison could go to start fresh and to be a barrier against Spanish expansion from Florida. It was also started with the intent to not have slavery.

3 types of federal grants?

They include: Project Grant Funding, Formula Grant Funding and Block Grant Funding. The other type is Categorical Grant Funding.

When does The Colony season 3 start?

The Colony was cancelled by the Discovery network after Season 2 due to low ratings. No casting or filming ever began for Season 3, although there are unsubstantiated rumors of the shows cancellation for other reasons. This rumor has been denied by the producers and network.

How many colonies does new England have?

3: new England colony, middle colony, and southern colony

3 reasons for the settlement of Georgia?

They made this colony so it could be used as a defense buffer for the Carolinas so the Spanish couldn't get there. Oglethorpe also wanted to free some debtors in jail in England and use them in a new colony and people who suffered in jail.

What was the goal of the colony?

I 3

What are 3 main reasons that Texas almost failed as a Spanish colony?

The mission system that Spain had set up failed, the geography was difficult to travel, and the local natives were hostile.

What were the first 3 types of colonies established in the new world?

the royal colony, the proprietary colony, and the charter colony.

What number colony was Connecticut?


How many syllables does colony have?


Give three reasons why people came to the Maryland colony?

1. they wanted new land2. and they wanted riches like gold 3.they wanted to be rich in making tobacco farms

What 3 reasons did the pilgrims list for voyaging to north America and starting a colony there?

to be covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil body politick ,for our better ordering and preservation,and further of the ends aforesaid

What where the 3 main reasons why the normans won the battle of hastings?

what are the 3 main reasons why William won in 1066Answerwhat are the 3 main reasons why William won in 1066

What type of colony was Jamestown at the beginning?

english colonyAnswerit was a rough start, but they got through it!!

Why do cells divide the 3 reasons?

The 3 reasons are: Growth, Development, and Repair. Hope this helps.

Give 3 reasons people were moving west?

the 3 reasons are Money,land,&fredom

Give at least 2 reasons why Hester does not leave the colony?

1. she has no where else to go 2. leaving will only convince the people of her guilt even more 3. this is where she commited the crime, so this is where she will pay [+]

Why was the colony of Delaware founded?


How many syllables in colony?

There are 3 syllables.

What are the release dates for The Colony - 2009 Comfort in Chaos 1-3?

The Colony - 2009 Comfort in Chaos 1-3 was released on: USA: 4 August 2009

Why did Mount Rushmore never get finished?

Several reasons: 1) The granite was not as suitable for carving as Borglum had hoped. Further dynamiting would have caused instability in the rest of the work. 2) The project lost its government funding. 3) Russel Borglum died in 1941.

What are the 3 kinds of bees found in a bee colony?

1 2 3

How long to ants live?

It depends on the type but but if they are not in a colony they can live to about 3 weeks. In a large colony they can live for years.

What are 3 geographical characteristics of each colony?


Which colony was claimed by 3 different countries?