What are the 42 keywords in turbo c?

Standard C keywords:
asm, auto, break, case, char, const, continue, default, do, double, else, enum, extern, float, for, goto, if, int, long, namespace, register, return, short, signed, sizeof, static, struct, switch, typedef, typename, union, unaigned, void, while.

Additional Turbo C keywords:
cdecl, far, huge, interrupt, near, pascal.

Additional C++ keywords:
bool, catch, class, delete, explicit, false, friend, inline, mutable, new, operator, private, protected, public, template, this, throw, true, try, virtual, volatile.

Additional C++ operator synonyms:
and (&&), and_eq (&=), bitand (&), bitor (|), compl (~), not (!), not_eq (!=), or (), or_eq (|=), xor (^), xor_eq (^=).