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What are the Aztecs and what did they do?



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The Aztecs were an early group of nomads who settled in (well not literallyin) the lake Texcoco in Middle America, Central Mexico. They were hired as mercenaries by the locals living there, and gained the locals' wealth, trading communications, and land. After that, they made a triple alliance with their neighbors and they defeated the locals. Then they burned their humble beginnings and made a new document that claimed that they were children of the Toltec bloodline. With that under their belt (not literally) they started building a magnificent empire where the locals once were. The Aztecs built a wonderful city with pretty man-made islands called chinampas. A highly clever people, the Aztecs were, and they did lots. They used calendars as well, they didn't make the calendar idea though; and the Aztecs performed a good deal of religious sacrifices. Animal for the most part.