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What are the Beaver Ponds in Yellowstone?



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Beaver Ponds Loop Trail

BEAVER PONDS LOOP TRAIL Trailhead: Clematis Gulch between Liberty Cap and the stone house

Distance: 5 mile (8 km) loop

Level of Difficulty: Moderate One of Yellowstone's shorter loop trails, this is a scenic hike with little elevation change and a good chance to see some of the Park's larger animal inhabitants, including elk, deer, pronghorn, moose and occasional black bear. The trail wanders through both meadows and forest. Elk and antelope frequent the meadows, and smaller animals can be spotted in the forest. The trail passes by several ponds dammed by beavers (surprise), which are sometimes visible. Wildflowers in brilliant colors are plentiful during the early part of the summer, and the trail offers excellent views of the Mammoth area. (Yellowstone net)