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Disadvantages of Natural Resources in developing countries are:

- Source of inter communal crises in developing areas; e.g Irag and Iran

- Deforestation; cutting down of trees for erection of structures and building with an aim of civilization.

- Over population; emigration from rural areas to urban areas causing decongestion

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Discuss the disadvantages of natural resources to developing countries?

The disadvantages of natural resources to developing countries is lack of processing facilities. This means that they have to export them to other countries to be processed and then they pay for the finished goods.

What are the advantages of natural resources to developing countries?

A developing company can use their natural resources to get the capital they need for globalizing their economy. They can build a new infrastructure, which will help them communicate with the outside world.

Use the word utilize in a sentence?

It is important for developing countries to utilize their natural resources efficiently.

What are the Disadvantages of natural resources?

One of the key disadvantages of natural resources is that humans can run out of them if they are not properly managed. A scarcity of natural resources can cause disputes and wars over basic necessities.

Why do poor countries have more natural resources?

Poor countries have more natural resources because they do not have the funds to extract them.

Which countries are rich in which natural resources?

Philippines is the riches country in terms of natural resources

What has the author Ronnie de Camino Velozo written?

Ronnie de Camino Velozo has written: 'Incentives for community involvement in conservation programmes' -- subject(s): Citizen participation, Conservation of natural resources, Developing countries, Forest conservation, Incentives in conservation of natural resources, Renewable natural resources

What is a sentence using the word resources?

The province of Alberta is developing its natural resources. All of the resources of the FBI were devoted to locating the kidnapper. One of the most important natural resources of the Earth is water.

Why were countries interested in Africa?

For the natural resources there.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural resources?

Advantage is that some natural resources are renewable, ex: trees, disadvantage well some are nonrenewable, ex: oil.

Why did countries imperialize other countries?

because they need to take their natural resources

Are the natural resources of great Britain and the USA he same?

They are similar in both but the natural resources in both countries are steadily depleting.

What three countries have the highest natural resources available?

I gotta say Nigeria has mad natural resources. I mean JACKPOT!

Is uzbekistan richer than the surrounding countries?

No Uzbekistan is Poorer then her surrounding countries according to its natural resources, but is good in development, Afghanistan is richer in Natural resources and Kazakhstan is the richest countries in central Asia

What role does natural resources play in a country's economy?

Affluence affect greatly on how resources are used in a country. Wealthier people tend to buy more materials that uses a lot of energy and resources. Most either developed or developing countries are using up resources faster than they can be replenished.

How can a state benefit from having natural resources?

A state can benefit from having natural resources because it would not have to import resources from different countries and states, thus, not having to pay for the long transport from other countries and states

What are the exploited natural resources in the Caribbean region?

the best resource to be exploited would be the tropical environment of the Caribbean itself. The environment is the natural resource that is attracting tourism and therefore generating income for the much needed developing countries in the Caribbean

Why do countries depend on each other for natural resources?

no country

As developing nations industrialize and make use of capital resources new challenges to the supply of the worlds natural resources will no doubt appear because?

As developing nations industrialize and make use of capital resources new challenges to the supply of the worlds natural resources will no doubt appear because more and more resources are being used. Also there are more people to feed and provide resources for.

What has the author John Vereker written?

John Vereker has written: 'Managing resources for development' -- subject(s): Conservation of natural resources, Developing countries, Economic conditions, Economic development projects, Economic policy, Management, Resource allocation

How are natural resources related to a country's economy?

Countries trade for raw materials that they need for energy and to manufacture products. Therefore, the more natural resources a nation has, the more it will prosper. Natural resources are very important. countries all over the world use natural resources for practically everything. buildings, cars,and everything that is man made.

What are the exports in Russia?

As with all developing nations, it chiefly relies on exporting it's natural resources.

Why did japan invaded countries in Asia?

Japan's islands did not have the natural resources such as petroleum, mineral ores and other necessary resources. They invaded countries that had any of the resources they needed.

How does the uneven distribution of natural resources affect world trade?

People or countries trade natural resources to help each other, then they also rely on other countries to give them something in return.

What obstacles do developing countries face?

Population growth,Natural resources and geography,education and technology,religion,external debt,capital flight,corruption,war and its aftermath. (Glencoe:Economic Principles and practices)

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