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give me answers not questions, arent yiu answers .com

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Q: What are the Importance of sports sociology for physical education teachers and coaches?
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What is the importance of sociology of education to practicing secondary school teachers in Zambia?

importance of sociology of education to teachers

How much do Physical education teachers hourly pay?

Physical education teachers may less money in hourly pay than academic teachers. Physical education teachers make about 13 dollars an hour.

Are there teachers that are cerified or specialized in physical education?

Yes, there are many students who major in physical education, with state teachers certification.

What has the author Rosalind Frances Cassidy written?

Rosalind Frances Cassidy has written: 'Humanizing physical education' -- subject(s): Physical education teachers, Training of 'Physical fitness for girls' -- subject(s): Physical education for women, Physical education teachers, Training of

Importance of sociology of education to a teacher?

Sociology of education(SOE) helps teachers to understand children's backgrounds and why they act the way they do. It also provides tools to overcome many obstacles brought by students in schools. Since Human relationships are very complex, SOE helps teachers to be aware of certain outcomes of a group's behavior, and to understand that attitudes, values and beliefs of those around them in order to affect teaching Knowledge of sociology of education enables teachers to sensitize and enlighten developments within a society. It also helps teachers deal with any situation that may arise in society.

Why is knowledge of sociology of education important to teachers?

โˆš Sociology of education helps to build strong relationships between the teacher and the class which is core to effective teaching and learning process. โˆš It facilitates a mutual understanding between a teacher and his students. This is because sociology studies the way people communicate and reach a mutual understand

Discuss the importance of micro teaching to teachers education?

microteaching dan teaching

What has the author Dongwhan Kim written?

Dongwhan Kim has written: 'A comparison of academic learning time between high-rated and low-rated Korean secondary physical education teachers' -- subject(s): Study and teaching, Physical education and training, Physical education teachers, Student evaluation of teachers

What has the author Larry Duncan Thompson written?

Larry Duncan Thompson has written: 'The importance of the physical educator as a \\' -- subject(s): Teacher-student relationships, High school students, Physical education teachers

How much do physical education teachers get paid a yearin the UK?

Not enough

Why are high school physical education teachers lesbians?

They are not always lesbians

What are physical education teachers wages?

the wages are about 45,000 to 51,000 a year.

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