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The best place to get this information is you local building department. Ask for the building official or the plans examiner. Hope this helps! Terry

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Q: What are the Massachusetts Building regulations for outside decks?
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Some good books about building decks include Complete Deck Book by Sunset and Building a Deck by Scott Schuttner. Others include The Complete Guide to Decks by Black and Decker.

Where can I find pictures of decks from?

You can find pictures of all kinds of decks on There is a wide variety of decks and a whole bunch of different resources for building a deck.

Are there apartments in the Empire State Building?

No. The Empire State Building is purely business and observation decks.

Does muriatic acid clean old paint off of outside wood decks?

No, muriatic acid is not very effective in cleaning old paint off of outside wood decks. You should use a paint remover to clean the wood decks, such as Jasco, which is available from Home Depot stores.

best place to get building plans for decks?

You should look here:, as it is the best place to go get building plans. There are people here you can talk with and exchange building plans

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Do you have decking and railings?

Answer In Indiana, building code says that decks over 30 inches tall have to have railings. Check with your local building code inspectors office. They will tell you.

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Where can I get good advice about building decks?

The advice that I would give for building a deck would be to have someone do it for you and maybe once you see them doing it they can teach you a little bit on the information on what and how they did it.

How many floors were there in the titanic?

Well... it was about the same height as an 11 - story building, however it only had about 9 decks.

Where can I view plans for building a deck?

There are sites onloine dedicated to offering plans for decks. Two of these are and Both sites offer a wide selection of one and two level decks in a multitude of designs.

What local business is into building wooden decks?

Locally, you will find a number of licensed dealers willing to build a desk to suit your home. However, you aren't likely to find many dealers selling pre-made decks.

What store has the best prices on decks?

Lowe's has better prices on decks. When I was building my deck, I checked out the prices at both Home Depot and Lowe's. Lowe's prices were much cheaper and the workers were much nicer. Hope this helped!

What's a good alternative to putting a rug outside on my deck?

Composite decks are composed of mostly plastic and cellulose fiber materials. Some are made of recycled materials. The decks don't rot as much as 100 percent wood decks, but they do rot if you don't use a preservative sealant and keep them clean.

Did the Titanic have nine decks?

Titanic had eleven decks, eight of them were passenger decks.

Where can I get an outside deck plans?

Most Home Improvements stores and book stores offer a large selection of books which contain plans and how to information relating to building decks. You can also find multiple sites on the internet that offer building plans and how to information. You may need to research different websites as well as books to determine the best plan for you.

What are the uses of redwood trees?

furniture, outside decks, timber framed houses, and anything where rot resident wood is necessary.

Plans For Building Decks Make It Easy For The Do It Yourselfer?

If you want to build your own deck, make it easy by using plans for building decks. Look at your local bookstore or home building supply company for plans and ideas. The plans usually have a list of all the equipment, tools, hardware and lumber you need for the project. Plans are also categorized by difficulty, so you can build one on your skill level.

What are good yu-gi-oh decks?

The best are dinosaur decks and dragon decks. P.S Dragon decks are better Dragon decks are the best. AKA: divine beast decks kill but 1 in a trillion use them.)

How many decks did the Titanic have?

There were 9 decks.

Where can I find information on building wood decks?

You can find free deck plans at There are a variety of styles and types available, as well as helpful hints and suggestions to make your building project easier.

Decks on the Titanic?

One is the poop deck and there were also 1st class decks and more decks.

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how many decks were on the mayflower